How is technological advancement useful for business?


There have been several significant advances in business technology during the last years. Practically, all of them are enabled by the scalability and consistency of data centres, improved software development tools, and global broadband internet access!

Here are various of the technological advancements that are useful for businesses and that have had an important influence on how businesses operate.

Customer Service

For many years now, customer service has always been important. This type of service has been very useful and effective for many businesses around the world. For instance, online casino site such as Lucky VIP has gained the most from it. While it consists of a huge assortment of online games, players can get most of their concerns and questions addressed quickly online. Sometimes it could be via Email and other times by live chat. Even when they are not able to access a game properly, they can directly contact a customer service agent from the site itself to help them!

Email and Office Applications

For numerous businesses, Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite from Google have eliminated the need for a desktop email client and even for an in-house email server – despite that a lot of people still choose to use a desktop email client. While document, presentation slide applications, and spreadsheet are still more amusing than their cloud counterparts, the latter are constantly advancing.

Web Conferencing

The speedy growth in usage of applications such as and GoToMeeting has benefited a huge number of customer support representatives and salespeople. This has provided them with an easy way to visually connect with customers and prospects.

Webinar Applications

GoToWebinar and Cisco WebEx were the early webinar applications! BrightTALK developed a webinar platform which enables for spreading of content over a community-based approach. These types of Webinar apps have become essential to many businesses.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for business user have multiplied. Nowadays, business users can make great use of mobile apps to participate in web conferences, make and receive phone calls through their business’s IP phone system, view or update shared documents, access a CRM system and more.


For businesses, it’s now easier than ever to set up shop online. With a series of open source Ecommerce platforms such as OpenCart, osCommerce and WooCommerce as well as paid services like Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento, there is no lack of options for businesses.

Video & Audio Hosting

Business use of Internet video has become a usual practice nowadays. A lot of companies are making Wistia, Vimeo and YouTube an essential part of their training and marketing strategies.

These technological advancements have helped countless of businesses around the world to reach a new height. With how technology is evolving nowadays, it would be of no surprise to see many more developments in the near future. In other words, the effect technology has over daily life is ever expanding, enhancing and increasing!