Depression and Healthy Nutrition


Depression is one of the most widespread psychological disorders in the modern world. According to the World Health Organization, about 300 million people worldwide suffer from it. The main risk of depression is suicide which may affect even the most successful people. For example, Anthony Bourdain depression with fatal consequences shocked the publicity.


If you feel that you are about to burst into something more than a minor mood disorder then you definitely need to take some action. Today, the majority of articles suggest that you should get into physical activity to cope with this problem. However, there are some points which are often ignored. In addition to active lifestyle and pills, having healthy eating may help you out too. We decided to give you some tips about nutrition and its effects on symptoms of depression.

Less Sugar

Too much sugar will never help you to become healthier. Sweeteners added in soda drinks, ice-creams, and any kind of bakery cause aggravating effects on your brain cells, simply making your mind dizzy. Clinical experiments prove that those who enjoy too much sugar lose their abilities to learn and orient themselves. Suppose you would like to learn how to play poker in a short time span. You search for literature on how to be a professional poker player trying to achieve your goal. In the end, you have low chances to succeed if you eat too much chocolate, drink sweet soft drink, and consume other sugar-rich products.

Eat Small Portions

Signs of depression include loss of appetite. Some people even reject to eat at all. Remember, that nutrition is just an inevitable part of our lives. You need to set small portion sizes and eat at least three times a day. Do not pick dishes which are junk, too salty or too spicy. Neutral food keeps your body clean. Be ready to reconsider your daily routine and create new eating habits: remember, that salads, fruits, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices are your best friends. Try not to lose weight, as your body will be forced to burn extra calories, causing exhaustion and deepening depression.

Exclude Alcohol and Drugs

Many people in depression try to escape from this illness getting plastered in bars, clubs or other venues. Alcohol is proven to be the factor that aggravates fears, despair, and paranoia during different types of depressed state. The same thing concerns drugs. Getting high will not solve any of your problems. This is why it so important to stay sober and clean when you are depressed. If you want to get distracted – better play poker with your friends, even if you are playing for fun. Such an occupation on Friday night will bring you more pleasure than a hangover on Saturday morning.

When you feel that depression is taking over you – go and make your own eating plan with no fat, sugar, and spicy components in the food you consume. Try to quit energy drinks and morning coffee, choosing tea or juices instead. A human body needs to stay detoxed during a depression. Changing nutrition may be complicated and unpleasant sometimes. Nevertheless, there are plenty of vegetarian and healthy food restaurants, shops, and centers that may be helpful for you.

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