Few TV Problems And How To Diagnose Them

TV repair is a very specialized job, which can be performed well hiring trained and experienced TV technician. They can diagnose the problem properly and know ways to resolve them. As a user of the TV, you can only describe the problem and check the external things like weather conditions, antenna positions, power supplies or signal cables etc. which may be causing the problem. If the problem does not get resolved then instead of opening the TV, it is more sensible thing to call a technician to repair the problem.

If you don’t possess technical skills then opening the TV box can be dangerous. There are certain parts like capacitors or the picture tube supply, which may have voltage in the range of kilo volts and this is sufficient to kill a person if proper precaution is not taken. Therefore, it is always advisable to take help of trained person to check the TV problems. It does not matter, if your TV is Samsung, LG or Sony or any other brand.

Few common problems of TV that needs technician help

  • Only sound present but no picture

In such condition, try to increase the brightness of the TV and check whether you can see any picture. If you find faint picture appearing on the screen then the problem is with the power supply that powers the circuit related with back light. However, if your screen still remains dark then there can be problem in number of areas like EHT unit, display control circuit or it could be the display panel itself.

  • Intermittent problem of picture gets distorted

You can try to tap the TV gently then the problem may get temporarily resolved but it can appear anytime again. If this problem starts occurring very frequently then you must not decide to buy another TV but call a technician. Such problem can happen due to dry soldering, which any technician can identify.

  • Picture size is reduced

This can happen may times due to power fluctuation of your AC power line. You can introduce a voltage stabilizer on the power point and connect the power cable to the output of voltage stabilizer. If the problem is still not resolved then you must call the technician as the problem can be in its EHT power supply that gives power to the picture tube. Problem can also be in the control circuits.

  • TV is completely dead

There is no light display and neither there is any audio or video present in the TV. You can check whether the AC power is present. If the power is fine then there is a possibility that the fuse inside the TV must have blown away. If fuse is also found to be okay then you need to call the technician as there can be number of reasons for such problems and only experts can diagnose it.

  • TV goes on and off cycle by itself

This problem of cycling goes on for sometime and then settle down with either off or on position. Certain power supplies of the unit might have gone faulty or it can also have problems with the main board.

For all these glitches please call the technician instead of trying to resolve it, on your own.

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