How to Achieve Great Result With Rembrandt

Rembrandt lighting is a technique known for producing a small triangle of light on the face of the model. This effect can help the photographer create a more dramatic and mysterious photo depending on the light source used.

The Rembrandt lighting (also called 45-degree lighting or window light) is characterized by a small triangular highlight on the model’s somber face.

This type of lighting is often considered a masculine style and is commonly used with a faint fill light to accentuate the prominence of the gloomy side.

The main light is moved downwards and more to the side than with the lighting in around or Paramount.

In fact, the main light almost comes from the side of the model, depending on how far the head is facing away from the camera.

Many photographers have disclosed that what they always look out for when taking photos. They always tend to get the right lighting before going further to complete the shoot. Many even tend to sort out the operational lighting earlier in order to have a more interesting shoot because that is what makes an image stand out.

In Rembrandt lighting, the light sources are often used to linear the sides of the face and to add bright details.

Tips on Shooting With a Bright Light

Be careful when positioning such lights to prevent them from shining directly into the camera lens; this will cause reflection. The best way to check is to place your hand between the model and the camera on the axis of the light source. If your hand projects a shadow when positioned in front of the lens, the light source is shining directly into the lens and must be adjusted.

Photography is interesting and taking over as the hub of fashion, has it overtaken you too?

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