The Sweet Wine Types That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Beginning your journey of exploring wines can sometimes seem difficult or challenging. For starters, wine professionals and enthusiasts make it look like wines are only for the selected few who have a taste for the finer things in life. Everything from the wine scents to their pronunciations may seem really daunting at first, but this should not be the case. If you are not in a position to learn about wines from an experienced wine professional, you could always sign up for the Vinesse Light & Sweet Wine Club and embark on a solo exploratory mission of the different types of wines available out there today. A quick recommendation though is that you should start out with sweet wines then move on slowly into the richer and drier (bitter) wines that taste like beer or coffee.

There are so many different types of sweet wines that you can explore at the beginning of your wine adventure. Many people see sweet wines as the gateway to the larger world of wine drinking. The goal for most people is to learn the ropes until they get to the pro stages where they can enjoy a rich and sophisticated bottle of wine no matter how it tastes. Everyone is different; however, so not all types of sweet wines will appeal to a particular individual. To help you establish which varieties of sweet wines you can start with, here is a list of some of the most popular types of sweet wines across the globe.

  1. White Wines

White wines are definitely some of the sweetest wines you will come across out there today. White wines are considered sweeter than other kinds of sweet wines such as red, pink and port wines. This type of wines are excellent for beginners and generally those who don’t prefer drinking bitter wines. Currently, there are many varieties of white wines to choose from. Moscato is probably the most popular white wine today because it is loved by millennials. Another popular white wine is Riesling which is originally from Germany. Riesling is packed with numerous sweet aromas and tastes that come from peaches, pears, apples, and perfumed florals. Other white wines worth exploring are Tokaji (Hungarian) and Sauterne.

  1. Red Wines

Indeed, there are numerous red-colored wines out there today that pack a lot of sweetness. Red wines are sometimes wrongly profiled as bitter wines by those who don’t have a sharp sense of taste. However, red wines still fall under the category of sweet wines. Among the most popular brands of red wines, Black Muscat may well be at the top. Black Muscat is an earthy wine that features hints of sweet tea, notes of rose and a small hint of Moscato.

Schivia is a sweet red wine from Italy that may seem dry or bitter at first but quickly reveals its true sweet notes of cinnamon, cotton candy, and cherry, along with a remarkable floral scent. Another Italian red wine you can try out is Lambrusco which is a fruity wine that is made from ten different varieties of grapes. Its sparkles and has notes of almond, cherry, blackberries, and raspberries.

  1. Pink or Rose Wines

Pink or Rose wines are a smaller category of sweet wines when compared to white and red wines. However, they have a lot to offer as they combine the best of both worlds with a minimalistic sweetness and a slight punch. Pink wines are made using red wine grapes but are produced like white wines. Pink Moscato is currently at the top of this category. Closely related to its white counterpart, Pink Moscato is both sweet and bubbly which is a perfect combination. The next notable mention in the rose wines category is White Zinfandel which has strong fruity notes of melon, berry, and cotton candy. White Zinfandel offers a sweetness you will not find in other types of sweet wines.

  1. Port Wines

Last but not least is a contentious category of sweet wines known as port wines. Port wines are seen to fall directly on the border of sweet and dry wines. They are therefore more or less bitter-sweet. This unique characterization can be attributed to their higher alcoholic content when compared to other sweet wines. Port wines are originally from Portugal. So, if you want a sweet wine that has a slightly higher alcohol content, a port wine such as Ruby Port or Tawny Port may be the right pick for you.

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