Top Reasons to avoid oily food

Eating oily foods can put a person under high risks of diabetes and heart diseases. Therefore it is best to avoid deeply fried foods. Oils are rich in saturated fats and Trans fats. These fats get stored in different parts of the body rather than being converted into energy. They are primary reason for a person to put on weight very easily. They are accessed only when a person starves.

Here are the top reasons to avoid acne


The gland activities of the skin thicken up. This is mainly due to the accumulation of fat under the skin. The extra fat from the food is stored under the skin throughout the body as subcutaneous fat. This makes skin become oilier and leads to the formation of acne. To learn more about acne problems and their solutions visit

Internal organs

The oesophageal sphincter keeps the contents of the stomach away from the oesophagus. Eating oily foods weakens the sphincter causing digestion problems. Also, it leads to the damage of the liver eventually. Visit to get more health tips to maintain a healthy body.

Head aches

Oily foods may cause migraines. More amount of oil in the body inflates the blood vessels with fats. This reduces the supply of blood to different organs especially brain. This leads to change in brain chemistry. To cure this, one has to compensate with lot of vegetables.


The cholesterol level increases in the blood vessels throughout the body. However, if too much of cholesterol gets accumulated in the blood vessels carrying blood to the heart, it might lead to severe cardiac problems. This is very important because only a healthy heart can keep a person happy.

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