Types of White colored bedding to adorn your bedroom

White is a color of peace and tranquility. The white color is a great sleep inducer as also makes one calm after a busy day. There are different types of white colored bedding available on the market. As the summer is approaching, it is time to change your dark colored sheets to light colored ones. Certain types of bedding are available in the market that would provide you with a great sleep time as well as safe in your pockets. One of those types of bedding is called the doona or the duvet or the quilt.

The doona or the duvet or the quilt look is known to be derived from the same source. They are known to be the same, but they have certain distinctive features.

All the three are the bedding which varies drastically from blankets or bedspreads as they are made by stuffing in some spongy material like feather or cotton between two pieces of cloth that are stitched together.

Doonas – in different parts of the world

The Doonas is the name that is referred to in Australia. The Doonas are known as Duvets in the countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The quilt is the name that is used commonly in other parts of the world. In Australia, the tradition of making Doonas is by stuffing in the feathers of a bird that is native to the country. The white doona cover increases the look of the White Doona.

White Colored Bedding in Australia

One can easily get White colored bedding for king-sized, Queen Sized, and super king sized beds in Australia.

There are various types of bedding like white quilts, white doona, and white quilt set.

These white quilts or the white doonas or the white quilt set can be bought according to the size of the cot at home. The white quilts go great with king sized beds, the white doonas go well for the queen-sized beds, and the white quilt set goes well for the super king-sized beds. One might wonder how one could relate these bedding materials to the cot. There is a standard size for the cots as well as for the quilts and doonas. This helps us to link the bedding with the cot approximately. This is not the exact method. One needs to measure the cot at home to check if the bedding is right for the cot or not.

Covers for the quilts and doonas

It is not just enough if one buys the quilts and doonas that fit the cot well, one should also make sure that they buy the covers that fit the doonas right. One could do a search for the covers online, be it in google or any of the e-commerce sites using the following keywords for white colored bedding covers; white quilt cover set (or) white duvet cover(or) duvet cover white(or) white quilt covers(or) white quilt cover(or) white doona cover(or) white quilt cover set(or) white duvet cover(or) duvet cover white (or) plain white quilt cover (or) white quilt covers online(or) plain white quilt cover set(or) white doona covers online(or) white bed quilt covers.

What is so special about Waffle Bedding Sets?

This waffle white bedding set come in pure cotton. This comes as a whole set, from the pillows to the covers; the waffle set covers it all. The Waffle Bedding is also the best for the modern households as they give a unique look to the homes and it stands apart due to the soft texture provided by cotton. Most of the waffle sets come with an advantage that, one need not give it for a compulsory dry clean. Even machine wash would help. Thus, the waffle bedding sets are also the right choice for the middle-class families.

How to maintain these white bedding?

The idea of maintaining the white bedding in good condition is in itself, a huge task as even a speck of dirt in it would make it look bad. Here are some of the tips to maintain it in good condition.

  • Even though you don’t have to give for dry clean every time you wash it, prefer for a dry clean at least once a month.
  • Wash the white bedding separately and never mix it with other clothes which give out the color.
  • Always make sure you use a cover for the white doonas or quilts. The cover not only beautifies the bedding but also gives long life to your bed.

One could find these doonas anywhere in Australia. Indeed, Australia is one of the best makers of bed linen in the world. Prefer buying branded ones as they use good quality of cotton for the cover and good insulators are used within the bedding material. These are some of the ideas one could gather before deciding to buy white colored bedding.


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