Why a skincare routine is important?

Skincare is more important than most people realize; healthy skin is the first reflection of a healthy body. It is a sad reality that most of us ignore or neglect to do what is best for our skin. Healthy skin is not just for the aesthetic appeal of the face – it is for the entire body. A myth is associated with skincare – it is for girls alone! Be it a boy or girl, healthy skin is desired by all. Nobody likes having wrinkles, even at an old age, isn’t it? A good and healthy skin also acts as a personality booster or attractant. Thus, it is of utmost importance to take proper care of one’s skin health.

The first and also most important tip for developing and maintaining healthy skin is to keep the body hydrated and drink a lot of water. Drinking water helps to flush out all the harmful toxins from the body in the form of sweat, urine or feces and thus, promotes skin health. Along with drinking water, following a healthy and balanced diet, enriched with fruits, vegetables, and fiber, is equally important for good metabolism; rich and oily foods should be a strict ‘no-no’ on the list. When skin is free from toxins, it is free from the unwanted signs of acne, pimples, black/white heads, etc. These factors promote the intrinsic/inherent health of skin internally.

Along with taking care of yourself, using good cosmetic products is important. Best skin care products are necessary if one intends to have healthy glowing skin. When it comes to choices, you are spoilt, and hence, it can be a little overwhelming. An important thing should be kept in mind is that every skin type is unique. Hence, it is absolutely not necessary that the best products available in the market should suit every skin type. For example, the best products may earn good reviews from a person, of a particular skin type, but they may seem to be too harsh for you! Each skin is different, and the goal is the find the products which suit your skin.

Sleep is an indispensable part of metabolism; putting in 6-7 hours of sleep every day is another factor which promotes good skin. Sleep induces a lot of relaxation to the body and mind. It is believed that night is the time for skin repair and rejuvenation because both the brain and body are usually at rest. If one uses the best skin care products, particularly cleanser-toner-moisturizer-combo, before going to bed and has a good, undisturbed sleep for approximately 6-7 hours, he or she is bound to wake up not only with a fresh feeling but also with a fresh and healthy, glowing skin.

Avoiding stress is very essential if one intends to have an overall health and well being. Stress is inversely proportional to sleep and directly proportional to bad or unhealthy skin. Using the best skin care products will not avail results if one is tensed or under stress at all times. If one is happy and healthy, it reflects on the overall personality of the person. Regular exercise coupled together with yoga, meditation, tai-chi, etc. can act as great stress busters because they act on the physical and mental health together. Above all, one should learn to maintain a smiling face, even if it is not easy, because a smile has an aesthetic appeal in itself.

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