5 Ways an Electrician Can Help You Save on Energy Bills

One of the typical questions homeowners ask when they talk with their electrician in Newtown is how they can save on their energy bills. More and more people are becoming interested in cost savings. They want to spend less on their energy bills as well as mitigate their impact on the environment. Although there are numerous day-to-day lifestyle choices that you can make which can create an impact on how much energy you will be utilizing, there are also several things that an electrician can advise you that will make a considerable impact.

Where does Newtown get its electricity?

Newtown electricity is generated from power stations that utilize various sources such as coal, gas, oil, and even solar. Both government-owned corporations and private ones provide the electricity generation in Queensland.

  • Regular inspections and maintenance checks

As time passes, wires begin to get worn out and deteriorate. This can impact the power your appliances utilize; it also creates risky situations that can lead to electrocution and even fire. When you hire your electrician in Newtown to perform regular inspections, you lower your energy bills and make sure that your family and home are safe.

  • Energy-efficient lights

In recent years Australia, including Newtown, has been phasing out traditional energy-intensive light sources such as incandescent light bulbs. Modern homes and buildings are being built with more effective lighting options, and a majority of people are renovating their homes to include these innovative technologies.

When you hire an electrician to install more efficient lighting such as CFLs and LEDs, you will save energy bills.

In Newtown, the physical and financial markets for electricity are intertwined. The national electricity market oversees the operation where generators are paid for the electricity they produce. Retailers are paid for the electricity their consumers use.

  • Replace old appliances

Old appliances are a significant drain on the power system. But while it is easy enough for people to purchase new and energy-efficient appliances, a majority of people still avoid upgrading due to the challenges of installing this new equipment. When you hire an electrician, it will take the pressure off you since they know what wire will be going where. They can make sure that your appliance is wired optimally for maximum energy efficiency.

  • Programmable thermostat

It also helps if you hire an electrician to install a thermostat on your property. You can have a setting for optimum temperatures when you are at home and will adjust them accordingly depending on your activities. It is one of the more effortless methods of lowering your electricity usage.

  • Check the meter

Have you ever checked your electrical bill, and it seems to be too high for how much you think you are utilizing it? If there is a problem with your electricity meter, it may be too fast. Because of this, it is critical to set an appointment and have the electric company send personnel to examine your meter if it is accurate. But it is oftentimes faster to have your neighbourhood electrician come and check it.

It is critical that the electrical system in your home is working optimally. Not only does it reduce emergency risks, but it also helps you save on energy. Because of this, you must regularly have your home checked by an electrician. 

In Newtown, the annual electricity bill is nearly $1400. But bill payers in the age range of 18-29 years old have the highest average bills at nearly $1800. Seniors in their seventies have the lowest average bills at just a little over $1000.


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