Write for us!

Write for us!

Want to write for one of the best-rated online magazine? Looking to avail the advantages of guest posting? First Else offers an exciting opportunity, which will benefit writers, authors, content creators, website owners, and bloggers.

If you can write for any of the niches/categories mentioned below, First Else welcomes you onboard –

  • News
  • Automotive
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health
  • Home
  • Shopping
  • Tech
  • Travel

First Else is open to accepting guest posts for the abovementioned categories and related genres, and in return, we can provide a link to your website. As one of the trusted online magazines, First Else is extremely stringent and strict with its publishing standards, and we only accept posts that are relevant to our website.

All guest contributors and writers are requested to follow the guidelines mentioned below –

  1. First Else only accepts the best-written and conceptualized articles and posts, and all contributions are subject to evaluation. We hold the right to reject/publish a post. Please check the other conditions on this list before writing content.
  2. All posts and contributions have to be relevant to the categories mentioned. We do not accept posts for adult or gambling categories.
  3. Only one backlink is offered for each post.
  4. Keyword placement is allowed, but First Else is strictly against keyword spamming. We want our posts to be valuable and readable for our readers.
  5. Every post must have at least 1000+ words, although we encourage writers to write 1500+ words contents. Longer articles are accepted.
  6. All contents must be written in English and should have paragraphs and subheading. Make sure that the content is well-organized and written, and as required, you can use bullets and numbering.
  7. Affiliate links are not accepted for guest posts.

Things to note

First Else reserves the right to decide on guest posts. Once a post has been published, it remains an exclusive property of First Else and cannot be reused, reproduced, or republished. In case your post is not accepted, rest assured that we would not be using the content in any form or manner. First Else gets a considerable number of guest posts per month, and we request a period of 7 days for reverting back. If you don’t hear from us in a week, please contact us again.

We hope you enjoy writing and contributing for First Else, and for updates, new post and more, don’t forget to follow our blog.

Please note our email address – info@firstelse.com