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First Else is our honest attempt to offer an online magazine that pretty much offers everything you want to read!

As one of the better-rated websites for global news, tips, guides and more, First Else intends to offer quality content for serious readers. With a core team of writers, subject experts and copywriters, we cover anything and everything related to news, automotive, business, education, health, home, shopping and travel. We also have an exclusive segment for tech enthusiasts.

This is not just an online magazine, but a platform for anyone who loves to read original contents from some of the most well-educated and experienced writers. Our posts are double checked each time for authenticity and quality, and we ensure as much variety in our segments as possible.

First Else offers new posts every week, and we take requests from our readers on contents and topics that they want to read. Additionally, our team of editors keep a track of trends and current affairs, so that we can present freshly-brewed content every week. If you would like a post or topic to be covered, feel free to write to us, and we promise that our team reads every email sent to us.

All topics, contents and posts on First Else are exclusive to the website. We also intend to cover more sub-genres in our current segments in months to come. Our team looks forward to suggestions for improving First Else further. For updates, news and latest posts, follow us at First Else!