Chevrolet Beat vs. Spark: Which Is the Better Used Car?

When it comes to car, people want the best and owning a car is a matter of prestige. The feeling is really awesome when you own a car and it does not matter if it is a new or used car. If the plan is for a new car, then it should be a planned investment.

The demand for used car is increasing day by day in the Indian market as the price fits the budget of many prospective buyers and on top of that these days, people are getting very well maintained used cars according to their requirements.  

If you are planning to buy used Chevrolet, but are a bit confused on whether to go for Beat or Spark, then we are here to help you out. There is a variety of Chevrolet used models available in the market, but if you need used Chevrolet Beat in Bangalore, online is the best option.

Both the cars are hatchbacks and really beautiful in terms of look. Starting from the length and height, Beat is around 3640 mm in length with 1520 mm height while Spark is 3495 mm in length with 1518 mm height. In short, both the cars will fit in small parking spaces.

Talking about the power of the engines, Beat is quite powerful than Spark. Mileage wise too, Beat is better than Spark.

The front and rear tyres of Beat are bigger than Spark. Thus, in Beat the comfort level will be more as compared to Spark.

Regardless of the size of the car, mileage and engine torque are way better than Spark. So, it can be concluded that if you want to choose a used car between Beat and Spark Chevy Beat is a better choice. Check out Car for getting Car Parts OR Renting & Leasing.


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