Earn money online without investment by becoming an influencer! Here’s a fan app that will help!

earn money online without investment

More and more people are interested in how they can earn money online without investment. This search is actually trending in Google. A lot of people make their money online, whether they work from home, sell stuff online, are working on crowdsourcing platforms, are into online modeling, gaming, or even develop successful online betting strategies.

While a “classic” business requires an initial investment, some online activities can be started without ever having to spend a dime. Of course, when you are trying to earn money online without investment, you should know that you can’t do it without spending a lot of time on planning, marketing, and the actual work that you choose. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because you could choose something that you really like doing: a hobby. Many people started out this way – doing what they love on the Internet – and now they are earning millions of dollars. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about influencers.

Everyone uses social media today, so if you are planning to earn money online without investment, you might as well become an influencer. Just choose something that you really love doing – and know a few things about – and start showing your knowledge online. You have a lot of platforms that offer account monetization, but there are some that are built especially for that purpose: fan apps.

earn money online without investment

What is a fan app?

A fan app is a type of social media platform built for influencers and fans. The purpose of any fan app is to enable influencers to connect to their audience (and the other way around). A great example is the trending fan app qrush.com. The platform offers you the possibility of having two profile pages: a free one for everyone that is interested in seeing your basic content and a private one (accessed via a subscription you choose) on which you can connect to your fans and offer them quality content.

How to earn money on a fan app?

Your “earn money online without investment” strategy will really pay of if you market your profile on the fan app. All your online posts and appearances must point to your profile on qrush. These type of platforms usually let you choose a subscription price that the followers will have to pay if they want unlimited access to all the new content you create. You don’t need to set a high subscription price. The best thing you can do is attract more and more subs with your posts and links. Whether you’ve created a fanbase on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, you can direct your admirers to your fan app profile. That’s why qrush made the vanity links! If you don’t know what that is, check out Roxigrr‘s profile. This way, you’ll have the chance of earning money from every pair of eyes that follows your online activity.

If you are already sharing valuable content on an online platform, you need to find an efficient strategy to connect the two accounts. The content you share on a platform must include links and references to your profile and content available on the other platform. This way’ you’ll have two income sources and will be able to reach different types of audience. Plus, the different tools and options available on each platform you use will help you stay in touch with your followers and create that special bond, earning their fidelity. When you want to earn money online without investment by becoming an influencer, the only thing you need is time and the creativity involved in keeping the content fresh.

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