Looking For a Divorce Attorney in Bountiful?


Dissolution of a marriage can be traumatic and often results in disappointment, loss of hopes and expectations. There are also legal, financial and parental challenges that can take time and energy. Regaining equilibrium can take years. Divorce serves an important legal and emotional function.
Although the divorce rate has been decreasing since 2008 it is still at a rate of 2.7 divorces per 1,000 people. To put that number in perspective 6.1 people get married out of every 1,000 people. Being in a strained relationship is not good for the people involved and separation is oftentimes the better choice. No couple wants their marriage to end in divorce after they say “I do”. It is stressful enough to deal with the emotional traumas of separation and of having to divide the life you have created together only makes it worse.

Here are some of the most common reasons why couples would get divorced.

Growing apart or personal differences.
No familial support
Domestic abuse or violence
Substance Abuse
Financial issues and problems
Getting married at a young age
Extramarital Affairs
Lack of commitment

Matrimonial Law, also known as Family Law, is the section of the legal system that deals specifically with domestic relations. This covers the areas of divorce, adoption, child abuse and paternity. It also includes custody, visitation, and marriage. Mr. Adair is a family lawyer who specializes in divorce, alimony and domestic relations with children, such as custody, support, and adoption.. An experienced attorney can help you change the course of your divorce and can make the difference between feeling supported and feeling alone. We will help you get through the difficult process. The best lawyers listen to you, ask you questions about your goals, and give an honest assessment of your chances at achieving them. We can provide this type of service at our firm. Mr. Adair, one of the most respected attorneys in Bountiful, is committed to maintaining his professional skills as well as knowledge of family and divorce law. A Bountiful divorce lawyer can help you make the best decisions for your future. Let us assist you in your next chapter.

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