The changing world of games: the influence of technology

While many people of a certain age might remember heading down to the game arcade with their buddies on a Saturday afternoon, that is no longer necessary, because technology has brought gaming into our homes, or in fact anywhere we happen to be via our smartphones.

Morepeople are gaming now than ever before – and that isdue to advances in technology. The new modes of gaming available now have revolutionized the ways in which people canenjoy the activity.


Games are fun to play together, but sometimes you just want to enjoy a game when on your own– and that’s where tech can help. By providing the consumer with the means to play on a device no matter where they are, they can now decide who joins in and who doesn’t. Forgambling fans all this freedom was something of a revolution as they no longer had to go to a land-based casino to enjoy a game. The leading online gaming sites are now the epitome of technical excellence, with great graphics and smooth gameplay. Some even offer a generous casino startup bonus for new players. Such incentives are proving very popular, and the world of online gaming is a very successful and ever-expanding one.

Mobile technology and the miniaturization of gaming devices made them readily transportable. Add to that the great leap forward in mobile phone design and capabilities and it is easy to understand how the popularity of game playing when on the daily commute, or during a break at work, has exploded in the last few years.

The Cloud

Until relatively recently, there was really only one way to play a video or casino game –on a computer or aconsole. Not only was this the only way that you could access it,the data about your performance was also likely to have been stored there: all of the information that re-appeared when you turned it back on (such as your past performance or the stage at which you leftthe game) would have been stored on the machine’s hard drive.

However, the rise in cloud-based gaming is changing all of that. Instead of limiting access to games to a physical location or an actual console, it’s now very common for gamers to be able to play their favorite games no matter where in the world they are. Provided that the console being used is internet- and cloud-enabled, it’s possible to access the best of the world of games on the go and simply resume your game at the point where you stopped playing.

Consumer choice

Perhaps the most potent influence of technology lies in the way that it provides gamers with a vast array of choice over what they can play. Thanks to modern technology gaming is out of the arcade and into computers where space is much less limited, and game designers have had to catch up by offering a full range of games to fill the new void. That’s why gamers can now pick from a huge variety of themes ranging from historical to sporty, tactical to violent, and many others.

Technology is changing so many aspects of the world and the way we live that it can sometimes be hard to keep up, but perhaps one of the most obvious ways where this is apparent is the world of entertainment – specifically games. From the way that modern games allow people to retreat into their own space, to the model of enhanced consumer choice that they now enjoy, the game sector is perhaps one that has changed most radically.

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