What is a poop scoop service, and how does it work?

Owner Clearing Dog Mess With Pooper Scooper

A poop scoop services are where a company will come and remove pet waste from your yard once or on a weekly or monthly basis. Dog cleanups are the most common service and involve an employee of the company coming to your home, business, or commercial property, safely picking up and cleaning all of your dog’s waste, and then removing it from the property. Some poop scoop services offer winter packages that prevent the large inventable pile of frozen dog poop that can amass during winter.

Cat cleanups or litter exchanges are also an option. For cat waste removal, employees will need access to your home so they can scoop out the litter box and remove any waste. Proper removal of pet poop is essential. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, pet waste that washes into stormwater runoff can pollute local sewer systems, streams, or even lakes, posing a health risk to humans.

How Do I Find The Right Poop Scoop Company?

Before hiring a poop scoop company, start by making a call or visiting a website. The pet industry is currently booming, so startup pet waste removal companies are popping up across the country, but not all have the same level of service or standards.

There is close to zero legislation covering the services offered by poop scoop companies, requiring no specialized training or certifications other than a basic city business license. While the basic service offered is not complex, it does involve the removal and transportation of hazardous waste and must be handled with some care and diligence.

Services offered by a poop scoop company allow you to cross off the unpleasant task of your list, but not all companies are passable; as such, take the time to evaluate each one on its own merits carefully.

How Much Does A Poop Scoop Company Cost?

A prospective company should be able to provide a rough estimate over the phone or email. The price is typically based on the size of your dog and lawn space.

Most poop scoop companies have standard packages or even special deals for starting a regularly scheduled service. Most standard packages come with a caveat that allows them to increase the price if they find something unexpected.

Be wary of companies who cannot easily articulate their services or answer questions about canceled or rescheduled appointments. Like any other service-oriented business, poop scoop companies should be focused on delivering a great customer experience while minimizing pet owner stress.

Typically pet waste removal companies charge per number of visits and dogs. You can expect to pay around $10 to $15 for a weekly visit with one dog. You can add about $2 to $3 per dog per week.

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