Which Type of Shade Sails is Right for You?

Summer brings forth warm days when everyone wants to step out and enjoy the outdoors. However, while the sun is a welcome guest for barbecues, its UV rays could be detrimental. For this reason, many people today embrace the use of the shade sail instead of the traditional awnings, pergolas, gazebos, and covered terraces.

In addition to the usual protection from the sun, shade sails offer elegance while creating a natural atmosphere. We will answer the question, ‘which type of shade sails is right for you?’ Currently, many different types of shade sails are available on the market. It’s always good to weigh different options before picking a particular product. Some of the models on the market include:

Fixed shade sails

Retractable shade sails

Waterproof shades

Garden shade sails

Custom made shade sails

Here’s what consumers need to know:

Consider The Quality of The Fabric

Before buying a shade sail, you should consider the quality of the fabric because it determines the strength of the entire system. Other than weight, the nature of the fabric is equally important, and many types of fabrics exist, including stretch polyester.

Overall, the fabric should be rot-resistant, weather-tolerant, and durable. It should also be water-resistant, stretchable, and easy to maintain. Usually, polyester provides all the mentioned qualities. This is why many shading solution companies prefer it to other fabrics.

Does it Have Hood Hooks and Fittings?

Shade sails come with hooking, tensioning, and adjustment capabilities. These systems must be easy to use and strong enough to withstand impact and outdoor elements. In most cases, a shade sail is suspended between various fixing points on a wall, façade, or tree.

Alternatively, a shade sail can be suspended on a mast of wood or aluminum, specifically installed for that purpose. The fabric must have eyelets or rings sturdy enough to prevent any tear that may come through the weak points.

Consider Permeability and Water Resistance

Some fabrics are permeable, while others are water-resistant. Permeable fabrics only protect users from UV rays. On the other hand, water-resistant models restrict water penetration into the fabric. Before you type ‘custom shade sails near me’ in Google’s search bar, you need to know that as much as you might want to prevent UV rays, you should remember that there will be rain at some point. For this reason, you should choose a shade sail that can withstand both sunlight and rain.

Pick The Right Color

Shade sails are available in different colors. The chosen color should blend well with the existing colors in your home while aligning to your taste. Whether you’re oriental, bohemian, or zen, the overall outlook of your shade sail should match your taste. It should blend with the space’s outdoor furniture, candle holders, cushions, and other decorative objects.

Still, on the color, dark colors give your space energy while creating a bohemian spirit. Alternatively, you can choose a blue or slate shade sail to create a middle space that combines rest and escape. Neutral tones like white, lime green or taupe depict a zen spirit.

Where to Get The Right Shade Sail

Today, the internet has made things easy. Start with an internet search using reliable search engines such as Google. You simply need to type in the search bar, ‘custom shade sails near me’, and you’ll get tens, if not hundreds, of results. Other factors to consider include shape, size, and maintenance.

If you’re looking for custom-made shade sails, visit shadepro.com.




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