Why Poly Cotton Is the Best Material For an Apron

Some of the most attractive gifts you can give to your friends and family, especially if they love working in the kitchen, are personalized kitchen aprons. You can easily customize the design and the text so that it matches their personality to the tee. However, you would want to give a gift that they can use often without worries. The poly cotton fabric is the perfect choice for this job.


Poly cotton is one of the cheapest fabric choices you can choose for any project without compromising comfort and aesthetics. It is thick enough but also soft and breathable. Cotton is very absorbent so it’s highly suitable for kitchen work. If you are planning on buying personalized kitchen aprons as giveaways for an event, this material choice can also lower the cost of your project.


There are materials that are very practical, affordable, and strong. Poly cotton fabric is one of them, which is also why they are used for other projects like casual clothing. Today, this fabric is also the top choice for kitchen aprons because it can be washed often. They will still look good after frequent washes.

Easy dry

Perhaps because of the density of this fabric, poly cotton as a material dries in a few hours after spinning. If you only have about three aprons in your kitchen at the moment, if they are made with poly cotton, you won’t have a problem. It’s safe to use poly cotton personalized kitchen aprons even on rainy days because if you have a spin dryer, these aprons will easily air dry indoors.


The kitchen can be a very hot place especially if you are slow cooking. For this reason, you would want your apron to be comfortable. This means choosing the right material so that the apron is thick enough to absorb oils and moisture and thin enough so that you do not feel like you are wearing a winter jacket over your clothes. Some aprons are made out of polyester but this can feel hot and uncomfortable in a hot kitchen. The poly cotton fabric is still a better choice.

Soft and wrinkle free

Poly cotton personalized kitchen aprons are practically wash-dry-and-wear. This is especially true if you used a fabric conditioner to wash them. This means you will not have to worry about wearing something that looks like a wrinkled sack because you did not have time to iron your linens. Line-dry your apron after spin drying and it’s ready for use once again.

Not prone to static

You do not want things sticking to your apron as you work around the kitchen. You also do not want lint to stick to your apron while it is being washed in the machine. Unlike polyester, poly cotton fabric is smooth and is less prone to attracting stray threads. It’s sure to age better than your old polyester kitchen aprons.

Is it more expensive than polyester?

The advantages of poly cotton as a material for kitchen aprons outweigh the cost difference. While this is a slightly pricier choice than polyester, it is also more superior in terms of value.

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