5 Dresses for the Mother of the Bride

No doubt the bride is the protagonist of the wedding, however, one of the concerns that usually accompany the preparation of the wedding event is the outfit of her closest ones, especially that of mom. The mother of the bride will be one of the characters that has more action during the celebration, and given the importance of the occasion, this is just the time to look radiant.

Ladies have as many options as party dresses on the sideboards, so choosing can become a bit complicated. Everyone has their own taste, their own touch and style, but among the general recommendations of dresses for the bride’s mother we can draw five key recommendations to choose mother of the bride dresses. Anyway, these tips can also be applied on choosing wedding guest dresses.

1. More elegant, less flashy

When one is acquiring more years it is recommended to dress with greater elegance, use finer fabrics, be a little more discreet and avoid scandalous fashions.

For example: The mother of the bride can add to the trend of sparkles and sequins in evening dresses as long as the striking area is limited to specific places of the outfit or small details. A dress completely embroidered in sequins or with the whole corset covered in glitter may not be the most appropriate.

2. Cover imperfections

The mother of the bride will want to look spectacular on the wedding day. As a general rule you should try to highlight your most beautiful physical features and hide those with which you do not feel so comfortable.

For example: There will be ladies who have slender and toned arms, but there may be others whose triceps are a little loose or perhaps with some marks on the skin. A very efficient way to get by is to cover them with elegance. In this sense, sacks, boleros, shawls or 3/4 sleeve dresses are the best option.

3. Short, medium or long

You can point three long ideals in dresses for ladies.

  • Short: when it reaches just above the knee. It is not recommended to climb more to give a formal air to the event. This length can work for day weddings, toasts or civil liaisons.
  • Medium: when it reaches just below the knee or to the calf. A midi or long “Chanel” dress is ideal for weddings in gardens or haciendas since it brings freshness without compromising the freedom of movement that reduces a short or very long skirt. For your info, JJ’s House provides a lot of beautiful medium mother of the bride dresses.
  • Long: when it comes from the calf down. This is the most elegant option. It can work for day    or night events as long as it is played with other aesthetic elements such as color, type of fabric and accessories.

4. Favorite colors

On the subject of colors there is absolute freedom. It is valid to choose the classic black, a pale pink, a scarlet red or a jade green. Whatever the preference of the mother of the bride can choose without restrictions. At this point, the only suggestion is to observe the generalities of the event.

For example: If the event will be daytime, light or very bright colors are preferred. If, on the contrary, the link will be held overnight, it is recommended to lean for darker tones.

5. Without losing style

The tips offered are intended to guide the ladies in the choice of dress but in no way can restrict the personality of each person. If the mother of the bride has always worn avant-garde garments with a lot of security, in this case she will only try to find an option that reconciles her personal taste and style with the needs of an event at the height of her daughter’s wedding.

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