A Landlord’s Guide to Decorating a Rental Property

When it comes to property, there are some variables, such as price and location, that are out of the landlord’s control. Making a property desirable by highlighting its best features is the ideal method to attract more tenants. Decorating a rental property showcases the right aspects of a home, and has the added benefit of demonstrating the organizational skills and standards of a landlord. Here’s a practical guide to decorating a rental property to let the home speak for itself. 

Why decorate a rental?

The best way to attract quality tenants is to offer a quality property. When tenants tour a property, they need to see the potential of a future home. Staging and decorating a rental in the right manner shows functionality and sets the precedent for how to maintain the home. 

As interested tenants come through, a landlord should use a rental application. Online rental applications are designed to streamline the rental process. Landlords can qualify rental candidates by using a comprehensive application that collects industry standard information. Such software helps landlords learn the rental history, income, living habits and preferences, and identity verification to choose the right tenant for their property. 

Color and lighting

When it comes to choosing a color palette for paint, keep it neutral. Consider giving walls a fresh coat of paint between tenants to keep the interior of the property looking fresh. Peel-and-stick vinyl stickers or decals, are popular and can be removed without damaging the paint. 

Lighting in a room is important and is an easy upgrade. Lamps with fun shades are a great way to add personality to a rental, as are simple window dressings. Blinds are also something to keep in mind; vertical blinds can easily be replaced with cordless ones and take no time to install. 

Fixtures and storage 

Fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom are a great finishing touch to a property. They draw the eye and enhance a room. Upgrading handles on doors, cabinets, and drawers is easy and affordable, and they can be changed anytime. 

Storage is important but often lacking in a rental. Adding furniture or accessories that have storage solutions will help to make a statement of efficiency. Invest in pieces that can be moved from one property to another, but look for standout pieces that have a theme to make the home pop. 


Bring rooms to life by adding greenery. Plants not only add color, but they keep the air clean by removing toxins. Add plants to rooms throughout the property, especially in the living room and bathroom.

Artwork is necessary in any space because it gives a sense of character and hominess. Tenants need to see the potential of a space when they’re viewing it; empty walls are not as welcoming as those that have pieces hung on them. Use removable, adhesive hooks to avoid drilling holes into walls. 

A canvas print is a unique way to add a personal touch a rental. Online sites make it convenient to shop online and create a custom order. The best companies offer competitive, factory-direct pricing and fast shipping on orders. Orders often come with free digital proofs and a guarantee. In-house editors can enhance any personal image, and their professional designers are available to help turn inspirational ideas into the perfect final product. 

Floors can be refreshed with rugs and carpets. They make larger spaces cozy, and can add depth to a room depending on size and shape. Try putting out a large neutral colored rug and add color and texture by layering other rugs on top. 


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