Crawling Workouts You Should Try Out

Working out offers an excellent avenue for you to stay fit and healthy. However, finding the right workout that will tick all the boxes for you can be quite challenging. When you’re searching for a particular type of exercise, you most likely go for one that involves compound movements.

Also, you will want exercises that achieve almost all your fitness targets. Say hello to crawling activities. Crawling workouts have been around for a long time, however, unlike other exercises they haven’t gained much exposure in the fitness world.

Advantages of Crawling Exercises

The most common exercises either comprise one-sided or two-sided moves. However, crawling exercises allow your body to move in every direction possible.

Crawling drills tick almost all the fitness boxes. With crawling moves, you build your core strength, boost your mobility and flexibility while at the same time improving your endurance levels.

Warm Up and Cool Down Sessions

According to fitness experts, crawling workouts are used best during warm up and cool down sessions. These moves will help you to work your muscles and boost blood flow in preparation for a more strenuous or vigorous training routine.

Besides that, crawling moves can also be used for active recovery during your rest days.

Learn the Right Posture

Before performing any workout, learning the correct posture should be your first order of business. Working out using the correct body form will help you stay clear of injuries while allowing you to exercise efficiently.

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Each type of crawl varies but will most certainly involve the use of similar muscle groups.

With all that said and done, here are some of the significant crawling moves that you should try out soon.

Bear Crawl

How It’s Done

Get down on all fours. Maintain straight arms and bend your knees a little bit for better leverage. Once you are comfortable to start moving forward, take a small step with your left arm and right leg, and then the other step using your right arm and left leg.

Remember to look ahead when you are doing the bear crawl and avoid arching your back. Also, engage your abdominal muscles. Try lowering your hips closer to the floor to make the crawl more challenging. You can also do a reverse bear crawl.

Spider-Man Crawl

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, then you will probably enjoy this move. To start, get into a plank position. Now start moving forward by taking a significant step using your left arm and right leg simultaneously.

When moving, lower your body close to the floor and shift your right knee close to your right arm.

Crab Walk

Similar to the bear crawl get down to all fours – this time though, bend your knees. Have your chest facing up and your fingers facing back. Move forward by taking a small step using your right arm and left leg concurrently. Take the next step using your left arm and right leg.

Maintain a straight back and ensure you engage your abdominal muscles.

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