The Best Sunglasses for Driving

1 Why you must wear sunglasses while driving

Driving during the day means facing the sun’s glare, which can cause our eyes to squint and become strained and fatigued. We refer that as “veiling glare,” and it obscures the object you’re looking at. Technically, for that brief moment, you’re blinded.

Even more dangerous is the bright light reflected off the road’s surface and other vehicles. It is important to wear sunglasses while driving. Not only do glasses protect against glare, they also prevent bright reflections from distracting and interfering with your sight.

Even though car windshields already offer UV protection, your sunglasses should block 100 percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, which can cause corneal sunburn and other issues.

2 How to choose safe sunglasses for driving

When it comes to driving safety, not all sunglasses are created equal.

Polarised lenses are a good choice for drivers because they dramatically reduce glare from headlights and light reflecting off of wet surfaces on the road. This makes for a much more comfortable driving experience by reducing the strain on your eyes and providing UV protection. Polarised lenses can also be useful in foggy or hazy conditions as they can help improve contrast and sharpen details.

3 Best SOJOS polarized sunglasses for driving

 SojoS’s anti-reflective sunglasses with polarized lenses can filter out sunlight reflected glare, and protect your eyes from long term damage by blocking 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.




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