Hair Transplant Repair And Reversal: Facts Need to Know

The ultimate goal of a hair restoration procedure is to offer utmost aesthetic results with the correctively placed hairline as well as the balanced dense-packed hair transplant results. Everyone has a desire to look better and if people are affected by the hair loss issue they must consider the hair transplantation to groom their personality. The results offered by the expert hair transplant Surgeons fulfill the aesthetic concerns associated with the procedure and truly meet the aesthetic requirement of the surgery via feasible technique and the natural hairline design placement with the viable grafts.

The hair transplant in Delhi is a prominent option for the hair loss patients that have value- added benefits with the expert plastic & cosmetic surgeons and the economic cost option available. It has been seen that a number of patients around the world from various part of the country used to visit India, especially Delhi to get the benefits of the cosmetic surgeries and the medical data revealed this fact that around 80% of hair transplant surgery is being done in India every year.

The graph of 80% surgeries of hair restoration segmented into two categories in which 40% are alone for the repair cases and the rest of the percentage shares the space in the reversal case of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Repair:

The hair transplant repair is performed for correcting the poorly executed hairline or implanted grafts to the location where hair loss/baldness experienced. The hair transplant repair actually corrects the previous hair transplant results performed by inefficient Surgeon or fresher Surgeon as the procedure requires an extreme artistic as well as the surgical knowledge and skills in order to offer the best positive outcomes of the procedure. India is famous for the repair hair restoration surgeries as our Indian cosmetic Surgeons have a remarkable presence in the reputed hair restoration societies, forums, and the association, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, and IAHRS. 

Hair Transplant Reversal:

The hair transplant reversal refers to technique/method that enables the patient to appear as if no hair restoration procedure had been performed. It actually explains the true value of a hair transplant procedure by offering utmost aesthetic hairline design and the placement of grafts. The hair transplant reversal is performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon who has proficiency in performing the procedure with a very good knowledge of aesthetic skills and the surgical knowledge. The aim of a hair restoration procedure is to offer imperceptible hairline that acknowledges the true value of an aesthetic concern of the procedure. 

The Main Reasons for Seeking a Hair Transplant Repair is as follows:

  • Large grafts transplanted to the Frontal area: If a surgeon is less experienced or do not possess the required set of skills to offer aesthetic outcome they may make the procedure wrong by transplanting large grafts to the frontal area of the scalp or hairline.
  • Pluggy Appearance: It is very important to place the right graft at the right place. The chubby graft should be placed in the crown area, whereas the slim grafts on the frontal hairline to meet the aesthetic criteria of a restoration surgery. 
  • Wrong Angle & Direction: The angle and direction of graft placement need a worthwhile consideration to put the aesthetic placement that is almost natural and undetectable. The placement if followed the aesthetic direction definitely result will go right in order to offer the utmost natural placement of the grafts.

A Technique used in the Repair & Reversal Hair Transplants:

The techniques in attempting to perform repair or reversal may be similar, but the ultimate goal of each procedure is quite different. Mostly, the FUT technique is chosen to correct the wrong hair transplant results as it involves the strip excision only from the safe donor part of the scalp, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp. So, a significant improvement can be achieved by choosing the right technique, expert Surgeon as well as the best clinic for receiving the hair restoration procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplantation is such a sophisticated plastic & cosmetic surgery that needs an extreme care, concern, planning and execution of the aesthetic mind that helps in meeting the goal of a natural hair transplant results.


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