Jura Impressa Espresso Machine: Espresso Perfecto

The Jura Impressa E6 is an all-round beautiful machine, that produces quality coffee at the best value.This machine is revolutionizing the creation of coffee at home. With a modern operating concept. With many features that ensure you can have amazing, speciality coffee at home, there’s no need for you to get ready and go to your regular café. You can cuddle up on the couch and enjoy any and every cup of coffee. 


Pulse Extraction:

This amazing espresso machine has a pulse extraction process which creates the best extraction and produces the very best flavor for specialty coffees. 

To create an espresso, it pushes hot water through the coffee at tiny intervals. This allows the flavor of the coffee to develop fully for the best taste. 

Intensity Levels:

This machine is perfect for all kinds of coffee lovers. With eight different intensity levels, you can have either a strong shot of espresso, a weak one, or somewhere in the middle. This machine is perfect for families who all have unique taste. 


With the unique color display, all the buttons you need are place on the front of the machine. This makes the machine easy to use and reliable. These buttons are for creating espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam. This allows you to customize and brew your favorite drinks quickly and effectively. 


With this machine you can choose six different kind of speciality coffees. You’re not just limited to making espresso shots. This allows you to enjoy any of your cafe favorites at home. This machine can make cappuccino, normal coffee, two coffees, espresso, two espresso’s andmilk froth.

Dual Spouts:

The Dual coffee and milk spouts make it possible to make a cappuccino without moving the cup.

Additionally, this added benefit allows you to create two coffees at once. This means it’s perfect for couples, families and entertainment purposes. However, if you’re worried that you only need one cup, rest assured that you can create either one or two cups. 


If you’re a clean-freak and hate the idea of drinking contaminated coffee, this is great for you. With complex maintenance programming and interchangeable spouts, this machine ensures that your coffee is always clean and ready for drinking. 


With a quick and quiet Aroma G3 grinder, you won’t be annoyed with any loud sounds.The state-of-the-art grinder creates 60% lessleftover ground coffee compared to their competitors.

Water Reservoir:

This machine comes with a removable reservoir, placed on the left side of the machine. It is easy to access and to fill up while it’s still on the machine. Additionally, the machine comes with a water filter that will last up to two months, to ensure hygienic,safe drinking water. 


This machine is 17.3” x 11” x 13.8” big with a 63.6 Oz (7.95 cup) removable reservoir.placed on the left side of the machine which is easy to access and fill while it’s still on the machine.

This amazing machine is perfect for all types of coffee-lovers. Perfect for large families or singles. With all the added features, you won’t go wrong with this impeccable machine. 


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