Do you have one in your home? What you need to know about defective products.

We work hard to earn our money, so when we decide to spend it on certain products, we expect them to be of a good standard, be exactly what we paid for and of course, safe to use. However, in recent times there has been a surge in the need for product recalls and personal injury cases involving defective products. Looking for a ‘personal injury lawyer near me’? Click the link to find out more. 

Being informed that you have a defective and potentially dangerous product in your home is frightening, to say the least. But what should you do? What does defective mean? Which items are more likely to be recalled? 

Here we’ll look at the things you need to know about defective products. 

Why is a product classed as defective?

There are several reasons why a product may be classed as defective. They usually fall into three categories, examined below:

  • A design flaw: A design flaw could mean that the user is at risk or that the product won’t work as instructed. For example, if there is a design flaw with an airbag in a car that prevents it from deploying correctly. 
  • Failure to warn: Nearly all products come with warning labels. A product may be recalled if there is a risk to the consumer yet there is no warning visible on the product.
  • A manufacturing issue: If something went wrong in the manufacturing process, it could make a product dangerous or not work. This usually impacts food and pharmaceutical production.

So, what products are recalled the most?


Medicines and treatments are incredibly important so the idea of them not working correctly or being manufactured incorrectly is worrying. Drugs also undergo rigorous testing to determine any side effects. If a new side effect is reported and has been missed, then the drugs will be recalled.


Again, all automobiles will undergo testing to ensure that everything works as it should. Even the smallest defect can cost lives, which means automobiles are frequently recalled for safety issues and concerns.


Did you know that something dangerous could be lurking in your kids’ room? Every year thousands of toys are recalled for safety issues. 

Household appliances

Hairdryers, driers, washing machines and heaters, all these kinds of appliances are regularly recalled due to design flaws and safety issues. 

If you believe you’ve been injured due to a defective product speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

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