What Is the Ideal Process to File a Car Accident Claim in Queens?     

Car collisions and accidents are too common in Queen’s busy streets, especially in Horace Harding Expressway, College Point Boulevard, and Ditmars Boulevard. These dangerous streets are hotspots for car crashes. Even if you are diligent, the other party may get you involved in an unpredictable accident.

Such an accident leaves you injured and causes colossal physical and personal injuries. However, if you don’t fight back with the help of an experienced Queens car accident lawyer immediately, you may be left with no compensation.

Here is how you can file a car accident claim in Queens.

Average Car Accident Claim in Queens

If you are involved in a car crash, you would probably be left with a highly damaged vehicle, hefty medical bills, and injuries. Though you cannot compensate for the injuries, you can claim a settlement for the other losses with the help of a Queens car accident lawyer.

So how much is the average car accident claim in Queens and other parts of New York worth? The following expenses will add up to the claim.

  • Vehicle replacement and repair costs
  • Medical bills related to your injuries
  • Lost income and wages if you are held back from returning to work

A reliable car accident lawyer from Queens will help you determine the damages. 

Process to File a Car Accident Claim

From the date of your accident, you have exactly thirty days to claim the No-fault benefits. The first step to claiming it is by contacting your insurance company and letting them know about the incident. Immediately, they will work on opening a claim. 

After this, an adjuster will get in touch with you to find more details regarding the accident. They will ask for some critical information like,

  • The police report
  • Information about the witness
  • Contact details of the other party
  • They will take photographs of your damaged car
  • They will look into the medical records to know more about your injuries.
  • They will try to determine the damages to your car

After analyzing these details, the adjuster will make you an offer for settlement. However, before accepting any settlement offers, it is better to contact your lawyer. 

Obtain legal advice from your lawyer and talk to them in detail about the accident and claim.

Timeline of Claim Settlement

Depending on the complication of the case, the timeline of the car accident claim varies greatly in Queens. If your case is a No-faults benefits case, and if your insurance company is cooperative, it will probably take less than a year.

However, if there are deaths or catastrophic injuries, it will take a good two to three years to settle. 

In case if your car accident took place in areas like Jamaica Hills, Flushing, Briarwood, Baisley Park, or Corona Park, and if you are finding it challenging to deal with the insurance company, you should immediately reach out to your local car accident lawyer in Queens for legal advice and support before it’s too late. 


A car accident will be a devastating experience to go through. The only way to find justice amidst the chaos is by working with a reliable car accident lawyer from Queens with a good knowledge of New York’s justice system. 





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