The Sustained Value of Commerce in the Job Market

The top colleges in MP are seeing a resurgence of interest in commerce admissions. This is a direct result of the uptick in economic activity as the adverse effects of the pandemic are slowly overturned with the opening of the economy. As the worldwide marketplace opens up, there is a renewed requirement for young graduates from the best commerce colleges in India in the future marketplace. This is an ideal time to begin your graduation in commerce, to gain the qualifications necessary for a career in finance in the sector of your choice.

The Future of Commerce

The future of commerce graduates is always bright; it is no wonder that this stream of study is an evergreen preference for youngsters to make their own futures. With every economic activity hinging on commercial parameters, newly graduating youngsters from the best commerce colleges in India will always have jobs waiting for them upon graduation. The only difference in the area of employment may be influenced by the fact that many, if not most, companies have shifted significant portions of their operations online. The digital economy too needs its commerce graduates.

The kinds of jobs that are available in the market have not substantially changed, despite the intervention of the pandemic. The roles of accountancy and financial operations have only got an added element of the digital field to them. These roles have always used software solutions in financial operations, but the utilisation of these software has only increased in the past few years, especially as companies big and small embrace the burgeoning digital economy. So, skill focus on areas of software will prove to be a boon for commerce graduates from the top colleges in MP.

Growth Potential

The jobs in the commerce sector remain as good as ever, with financial and business analysts, accountants, being solid job options for fresh graduates. However, fields like financial risk management may show a significant increase in demand as the job profile of risk management specialist is among the top 20 jobs across industries which have been identified by the Future Jobs Report of 2020, issued by the World Economic Forum, as having the best potential for growth in the next few years. This is the right time to obtain a degree from one of the best commerce colleges in India.

After completing BCom from one of the top colleges of MP, the fresh graduate can expect a beginning salary in the range of 3 to 5 lakh per annum, depending on the specific job role and the company. Of course, with a few years of experience and with addition of skills, the salaries will increase commensurately. Salaries in the 8 to 10 lakh per annum range are common with experience. In some jobs related to financial management and analysis, salaries in the 20 lakh per annum average are common.

To sum up, commerce graduates are assured of competitive salaries and a good variety of jobs in the current and future job market.

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