Will the Person Who Injured Me Pay For My Legal Fees?


One of the first questions you need to ask your personal injury lawyer Stuart FL is who will pay for your legal fees? Will it be the person who caused your injury, or will you have to pay this from your own pocket? Most of the time, the lawyer collects a portion of the final settlement on top of all the personal injury costs (copies, affidavits, etc.) that the case process incurred. This is if the case was won and you could get the proper settlement from the other party.

On the other hand, if the case was lost, the legal fees are usually waived, but you may have to pay for the costs of the procedure depending on your agreement with your personal injury attorney Stuart FL.

Technically, who pays?

If you won the case, and usually personal injury cases are won as long as the evidence are sound, then the person who injured you will be paying for damages. From this final damages award or settlement, the lawyer can then claim his or her rightful percentage. Depending on how long the case proceeded, a part of the final settlement sum will also be deducted for costs. Usually, the law office shoulders these costs as they are due, but you will have to shoulder them once you have the total, final settlement sum. These costs cover medical reports, police reports, affidavits, expert witness fees, postage and filing fees, and the costs of hiring investigators and experts to make your case more solid.

How much is taken away?

All in all, around 40% – 60% of the total settlement sum is deducted at the end of the case if the case is won. Remember, most personal injury cases take more than the work of your personal injury lawyer Stuart FL. There are many people behind the investigation. The other party is working just as hard to refute your case, so a strong team of investigators, legal advisors, and experts are necessary to strengthen your claims.

Can you change lawyers in between?

It is not recommended that you change lawyers mid-way. In any case, if you must fire a lawyer in the middle of a case for any reason, it will work against you because it will be more costly. The first lawyer can file a lien you will get. A percentage will also go to you first legal counsel even if winning the case is not dependent anymore on his or her efforts. They may also charge you on the spot for costs which working on your claims incurred.

Getting the right personal injury lawyer

Before committing to work with any personal injury attorney Stuart FL, do your due diligence and research about the law office you would like to work with. How honest were they during your free case assessment? Do you feel like these are legal counsels who could defend your case well? Could they represent you and your best interests in court and during settlement procedures? Before penning the partnership, think about these important things first.

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