Six Ways an Attorney Can Help Your Small Business


In the eyes of the law, small businesses are not much different than large corporations. To operate legally, there are industry-wide standards to meet, overarching rules to follow, licenses to apply for, and of course paperwork to draft. However, unlike small business owners, the leaders of large corporations sleep easy at night knowing that their team of corporate lawyers are at the helm guiding these processes and keeping them safe from litigation. Meanwhile, small companies navigate through the same treacherous legal waters without the endless legal expertise that large corporations have at their disposal. That is why it is paramount for small business owners to find an attorney. Here are six reasons having an Ogden-based business attorney on hand will benefit your small business.

Ensure compliance

An attorney can help you be sure that you are operating within the bounds of local, state, and federal laws.

Draft agreements and contracts

To reduce your risk and minimize liability, any agreements or contracts that you create for your business need to be air-tight. An Ogden-based attorney can be hired to draft these documents so that you can rest assured that you are protected.

Apply for licenses and permits

Depending on your industry, there are going to be certain licenses and permits needed to operate. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out which licenses and permits are required and even more difficult to apply for them. Your Ogden-based attorney can do this work for you, saving you the hassle and the risks that come with making any mistakes.

Patent business ideas

For creatives with an entrepreneurial spirit, great ideas flow freely. However, making sure that you own the rights to these ideas probably doesn’t come as easily. An attorney can help you patent those ideas and be sure that you get the credit (and compensation) that you deserve.

Pick a name

Whether your business is brand new or you are rebranding, choosing a name is not as easy as picking out a moniker you like, because accidentally choosing a name that’s already taken could put you at high risk for litigation. An attorney will help you pick a name that fits your company and keeps you out of trouble.

Choose or change your business entity

Picking the right entity, whether it’s an LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, is absolutely vital to reducing costs and keeping you and your assets safe should anyone sue your company for any reason. Your attorney will help you make the choice that works best for the Ogden area and for your business needs.

Joshua Irvine of Irvine Legal is an Ogden business attorney who specializes in small business legal functions and many other areas of law.

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