3 Convincing Reasons Why Hiring A Plumber is Better Than DIY Plumbing Solutions

Every day, countless Australians are in a constant battle with their broken pipes and other plumbing dilemmas. Common problems appear small but affect their everyday routine terribly. Fortunately, most of these plumbing issues are easily fixed with the help of plumbers. But, leaving these problems alone is a disaster in the making.

Plumbers, in particular, are highly in-demand in cities such as Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. These cities are consistently developing their rural areas. Thus, more residential blocks are growing over the years. The more houses built, the more plumbing problems that arise in these cities. Also, these cities require plumbing works to keep the development rolling.

If you happen to be residing in one of these cities, you have tons of reasons to consider hiring a plumber if you come across a problem in your plumbing system. The most common plumbing problems Aussies’ face is blocked toilets, slow drainage, leaky fixtures, water heater issues, and weak water pressure.

If you are a fan of DIY plumbing solutions, you might want to instead consider hiring the services of a trusted plumber upper north shore sydney has. Below are some of the best reasons why hiring a plumber is better than fixing the plumbing problems yourself.

1. DIY Plumbing in Australia is Illegal

To start with, conducting all kinds of DIY plumbing work on Australian soil is strictly prohibited by the government. Be it simple leaking pipes, busted water heater or clogged drains, simple maintenance is illegal to fix yourself. However, it all depends on what side of Australia you reside in.

There are various laws and regulations imposed in the country which prohibit a homeowner from conducting a DIY plumbing solution mainly for safety purposes. For example, a homeowner residing in Queensland has a set of plumbing works they can legally do. They also have a set of plumbing works where only licensed plumbers are allowed to do.

In Western Australia, the Department of Commerce requires homeowners to hire a licensed plumber to carry out a specific list of plumbing works.

2. They Conduct Their Work with Utmost Safety and Care

There are many hazards in plumbing, especially when it comes to fixing leaking gas pipes. Licensed plumbers are not just hired to fix broken water pipes. They have more specialties than you expect. Most homeowners do not treat plumbing problems seriously.

In comparison, licensed plumbers know the safety and health hazards involved with their work. Most of all, they know the proper procedure to fix the problem correctly. They follow a standard protocol which they only acquire during years of training and apprenticeship to become a licensed plumber, according to one of the trusted plumber upper north shore sydney has.

3. They Are Simply Experts in Their Field

Plumbers spent years in plumbing courses to train themselves as licensed plumbers. They are required to undergo apprenticeship before they can apply for licensure to operate. With this in mind, they have all the knowledge, resources and years of training to fix a plumbing problem at your home.

It is pale in comparison to you who rely on YouTube DIY plumbing tutorials. Fixing plumbing problems on your own is somewhat practical to save money, but what if you made the problem worse? It would be best to leave this problem to professionals.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned reasons are enough to convince a homeowner to hire a plumber. If you do not want your house flooded with water, it is best to call your local plumber, and they will take good care of everything in your home.

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