The Beauty of Diamond Floating Ring

Diamond rings are available in various sizes and shapes, all equally stunning. This array of selection can make choosing the perfect one for you difficult. One type of diamond ring that is sure to stand out is the floating ring. It is called a diamond floating ring because the circle of precious stones seems to float, and nothing is tethering them together. When you wear this type of setting, the focus of the eye is on the shape and sparkle of the diamonds.

What Is a Diamond Floating Ring?

Many people are wondering what makes a floating diamond ring different from other diamond rings. The majority of diamonds in an eternity setting usually has a channel or prong to secure and hold the stones in position. While this style protects the precious stone, it causes it to have a lesser focus on the diamond as there are also many metals visible.

But with a floating setting, the diamond gets complete attention. Each stone is placed individually in a holder or basket with prongs securing it on both sides. As a result, the diamonds seem to be floating on the finger, unlike when prongs hold them together.

Types of Diamond Floating Rings

There are various metal and design options for floating rings. It is possible for those who want something more unique to include creative design elements to come up with a unique diamond floating ring. Some floating ring styles are:

  • Tension settings. They are the simplest style and the most popular floating ring setting. The ring band holds the gemstone in two halves by the metal tension.
  • Bar settings. They have metal bars that carry the stone securely, which also separates it from other design elements and accent diamonds in the band ring.
  • Open Bezels. These come with an open base that suspends the precious stone above the ring.
  • Split Shank Floats. While the setting of the ring rises on top of the band, the floating split shank encircles the stone instead of tethering to it.
  • Floating Arches. These come with intricate blends of designs, in which they elevate the central stone on a bridge or arches on top of a lower band with studded diamonds.
  • Bypass Rings. In this style, the two sections of the ring divert the diamond instead of centring it. They grip the stone in a perpendicular style and not parallel to your finger.

There are also minimalist floating eternity rings if that suits your fancy. Also, if you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring, you can find a style with a floating design. Diamond floating rings are versatile settings, which are great if you like to match your jewellery pieces.

Finding Diamond Floating Rings

Considering the open nature of the diamond floating ring, choosing a colour and clarity is crucial. It is quite distinguishable, and the open design heightens the size of the gem. It is essential for the setting to be even and secure without the concern of the skews and twists getting loose. Moreover, look for a floating ring that comes with a guard to protect both the finger and the point of the diamond. It could have a thin rim in the band, or if without it, the diamond should be slightly elevated so as not to rub your finger.


The floating ring is a great choice for any special occasions among couples, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, etc. It can also be a perfect symbolism for a circle of life. If you are looking for an attractive, dazzling ring that focuses on the gemstones, get a floating diamond ring.

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