7 funny rakhi gifts for kids

Siblings are like Tom & Jerry, fighting always yet close at heart,  A relationship that defies the notion of ‘love.’ A relationship that is inexplicable and flawless- is the relation between siblings.

From pulling each other’s legs to removing hair and snatching remote control of the t.v, the brother and sister relationship is eternal. They are your best buddy’s; they are the ones with whom you can share all your secrets, and they protect you too from your mom’s wrath. From being a solid support system and entering into foolish conflicts, phoney anger, and never-ending squabbling to gentle, loving togetherness- siblings share a special bond. Isn’t it unique and lovely?

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated by siblings, which is observed on the full moon day in the month of Savan. Rakhi can be crafted of thread or even precious metals such as gold. But gifting a simple or well-studded designer rakhi doesn’t matter much; what matters is the love they share.

To cherish this bond of love, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. In this festival, sisters tie a sacred thread around the wrist of their brothers and pray for their safety. Brothers also give return gifts to their sisters and promise to protect them for the rest of their lives.

If Big brothers are your best friends, then your little brothers are your partner in crime. Brothers are essential people in our lives.

Appreciation and love not only come just from our parents but also from our siblings, with whom we spend so many precious times. Our brother is among the most significant persons in our life.

This rakhi celebrates the sweetness and purity of love between brothers and sisters. If you have a kid brother, then here are a few funny Raksha Bandhan gifts for kids:

1.   Peppa Pig Rakhi:

If your little brother is passionate about Peppa Pig, then this is the perfect gift for him. This Raksha Bandhan surprises your little brother with Peppa Pig themed rakhi. It will be a unique way to express and strengthen your bond with your cute little brother. In the shape of Peppa Pig, this amulet is made beautifully with a metal sheet which gives a unique look to the rakhi.  This rakhi provides him with something he truly enjoys.

2.   Avengers Wooden Rakhi

If your baby brother is a big fan of Avengers, then make your little brother happy, this Raksha Bandhan, by gifting him the most precious rakhi, which suits his personality. This premium rakhi will make him glad. The most incredibleBandhanof the Rakhi is the handcrafted wrapping. So you won’t have to worry about sending the Rakhi to your brother who lives in a distant city.

3.   Minion Rakhi

Swap out the basic rakhis with something more unique to suit your brother’s individuality. This minion rakhi is sure to put a smile on your little brother’s face. This Raksha Bandhan gift him something that he is fond of.

4.   Unicorn Water bottle with glitter lid:

Kids love unicorns, and gifting something that they are fond of will brighten their day. So put a smile on their face, this Raksha Bandhan, with this fantastic rakhi gift. The best thing about this bottle is that it is made of stainless steel, with a glittery BPA-free plastic top, safe for kids. So it is an ideal present for vibrant people, whether they are children or adults!

5.   Peppa Pig Solar Powered Bobblehead:

Kids love to play with bobbleheads, toys, and when the bobblehead is made in the shape of their favourite cartoon character, then it’s like icing on the cake for them. So place this solar-powered Peppa Pig Bobblehead under the sun and see it bobble to and fro. It is the best rakhi gift for your dear brother.

6.   Yoda Rakhi Gift Set

This unique Yoda Rakhi Gift Set is as cute as your cute little brother. Gift him something special if he is as sweet as baby Yoda; it will make him happy.  It is an ideal present for your cool brother. Baby Yoda Action Figure and Baby Bro Yoda Rakhi are included in this Yoda Rakhi Gift Set.

7.   Plush Stress Toy Keychain

Plush toys are stress-busters, but it proves to be the best toy for them for kids. They can squeeze them and have fun and enjoy themselves. So plush stress toy keychains are the perfect gift to your dear brother, this Raksha Bandhan.

Thus, these were some of the funny rakhi gifts for kids. Create good memories with your little brother with these beautiful rakhi gifts and express your love for him.

Apart from this, you can even select from the below option to surprise your dear brother this Raksha Bandhan:

1.   Bigsmall Rakhi gift hamper:

This unique gift set for your sibling will surely bring a smile to his face.  When you can’t visit him in this pandemic,  you can parcel this beautiful and exclusive gift hamper, specially curated for your dear brother.

2.   Ternion Kids Off-White Large Tent House With Quilt:

Kids love to play with tents, so this Raksha Bandhan, why not gift something they are fond of. This soft-white tent is sure to put a smile on their face and make their day.

3.   Missile launcher race car:

This remote-controlled race car is a wonderful gift for your little brother, who is fond of cars. But, unfortunately, it can become a missile launcher within seconds.

Gifts can be big, gifts can be small, but their emotions are more important than anything else.

Thus, Raksha Bandhan is a festival that is celebrated with fun and frolic. It is a  day to celebrate the pure love between siblings. Brothers are an important part of our lives- be it your elder brother or younger brother.

One of the most delightful occasions is Raksha Bandhan. It allows the brother and sister to deepen their relationship. It comes each year which is celebrated with fun and frolic.

Raksha Bandhan is an ancient festival with several mythologies and historical stories associated with it.

Raksha Bandhan is a popular tradition that has ancient roots. As a sign of fraternity, Rajput queens would give rakhi strands to neighbouring monarchs.

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