When should you meet an immigration lawyer?

There’s no denying that immigration law is complicated. No matter whether you are trying to get your Green Card, or an employer looking to hire foreign workers for your company, you have to deal with immigration law. Since immigration is federal, you can actually consider hiring an attorney from any state. The question is – Do you really need one? In this post, we are sharing more on why and when you need to hire a Dallas immigration lawyer

Expertise and experience matter

If you are visiting the US on a vacation and intend to return back within 90 days, you don’t really need an immigration lawyer. However, for anything else related to immigration law in the US, hiring an attorney would be the right thing to do. Also, it is a common misconception that people go to a lawyer when they end up with immigration troubles. You could meet an attorney, just to know your rights, visa options, and other details. There’s no denying that immigration lawyers have experience and expertise that can help in resolving issues and avoiding mistakes. Not to forget, the paperwork is complicated and often extensive. 

Reasons to meet an attorney

  1. You want to know more about immigration law and benefits you are entitled to. 
  2. Your eligibility to get a green card. 
  3. You have reasons to believe that you may be inadmissible. 
  4. You need help with aspects like waiver or asylum. 
  5. You have run into trouble with immigration authorities. 
  6. You have been asked to submit additional or specific evidence
  7. You are in an emergency immigration matter. 
  8. You are facing deportation. 
  9. You were reported from the US and intend to apply to come back.
  10. Your visa application was denied in the past. 
  11. You need help with paperwork
  12. Your employer isn’t helping with your immigration related issues
  13. You need help with investment-based visa

Meeting an immigration lawyer

Most immigration lawyers either offer free initial consultation, or charge a really small fee, to discuss cases. You can always meet your attorney, check your options, and ensure that you are aware of your rights. If you talk to the law firm in advance, they may ask you to come with a few documents, and you can expect to answer a lot of questions during the first meeting.

Ensure that you hire an immigration lawyer you can trust. For that, check if the lawyer has good reviews, and more importantly, if they are available. 

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