HVAC Tools for Entry-Level Service Technicians

If you are an entry-level service technician and looking for some best HVAC tools, this article will help you the best. When you are on the job training, these best HVAC tools become essential for you. Here we will see it briefly.


The first tool that you require is 11-1, 10-1, etc., multipurpose screwdriver. You should have this tool in your tool belt always to get your job done and try to avoid bargaining it from a trainer. Check whether you have a multipurpose screwdriver that has especially Phillip’s bit of #1 size and flathead bit of #2 size. Additionally, you may require ¼”, 3/8”, and 5/16” nut drivers too. Amongst these, service technicians mostly use some of them such as ¼”, 3/8”, and 5/16”.

Wire Strippers:

Service technicians should have a good pair of wire strippers. With the excellent training you have in the HVAC field, you should strip the wire within a matter of seconds when you try for the very first time. This is to save your time during on the job training.

Heavy Duty Tape:

Look for a heavy-duty tape that is of length 25-50 ft. Since you are a service technician, you always need this tool in your tool bag.


HVAC systems involve electrical and plumbing works and being an HVAC technician; you need to work with wires, bolts, and other HVAC tools. In most electrical jobs, you may need to cut the cables frequently for which you need pliers. Pliers and needle-nose pliers are the best HVAC tools that help you to handle the wirework easily.


This is another crucial HVAC tool, and every service technician needs to own this hammer. Hammer is not only required for service technicians but also needed for regular people to carry out different tasks at home. Never buy a small hammer but buy the one that comes handy. Hammer is versatile, and you may need to carry out various tasks.


For an entry-level technician, it is needless to say that he should own a good multi-meter without any exceptions. You need to buy the one that should test AC and DC voltage, current in amperes, microfarads, and temperature. Ensure that you have an excellent multi-meter to verify the readings accurately, as such accurate readings are essential for your job.

Flashlight or Headlamp:

HVAC technicians need to work in less space rather than a comfortable space. Sometimes such places are dark, and you feel difficult to work there. In such a situation, you require a headlamp or flashlight to get your job done. Such a flashlight helps you to do technical work properly.

PVC Cutters:

To complete some problematic jobs, you may need a cutter. Some technicians have cutter’s sizes ranging from ¼ inch to ½ inch. But it is better to go with having up to 1 ½ inches size cutters.

With the above article, we are going to end this session. But these are some of the best HVAC tools to be owned by a service technician. The article may go with a long list of HVAC tools such as crescent wrenches, Allen wrench set, tubing cutters, sheers, temperature clamp, refrigeration gauges, cordless drill, coil fin straightened tool, and core removal tool, etc. These tools are also essential for any entry-level service technicians when they are on the job training.


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