Everything You Need To Know To Win Your Next Scrabble Battle

When it comes to playing scrabbles, most of the players think that it’s all about coming up with big words. Well, that is not exactly true. No wonder, all of us love the Bingos, but the game is much more than just about losing your letters. In fact, once you understand how to play scrabbles strategically, you will probably never lose a game.

If you wish to become a scrabble master, the first thing you must do is patience. The next is to focus on your defense and come up with better tactics. As a beginner, you can always take help from unscrambling tool like unscramblenow.com Also, these tools not only help you win the game, but can improve your vocabulary and anagramming.

In order master the scrabble game, you don’t have to learn the entire dictionary or be a genius. The key is to know some important factors and legal cheats. So, here are some tips for you to win your next scrabble battle…

Top 7 tips to help you win the next scrabble game

  1. Open the board wisely

Bingos seem the most attractive and easy way to open a board, but if you can’t do that, simply stick to the 5 or 6 letter words. They are as great as bingos and will provide you with great opportunities on the board. However, don’t forget that they even give perfect opportunity to your opponents. So, just be careful. 

  1. Learn all or most of the 2 and 3 letter words

When used wisely, 2 and 3 letter words can boost your score up by almost 50 points. Here again, you can take assistance from fastest unjumble tool like instawordz.com 

  1. Make words using the letter‘s’

There are several words that you can pluralize by just adding the letter‘s’ in the end. Now, this doesn’t mean you use them all, without thinking much. The thing is, there are only 4 ‘s’ tiles and thus you must use it to earn at least 10 points in order to make it worthwhile. 

  1. Learn to use High Value Letters

Big letters like J, Q, X, and Z, are simply great when it comes to earning more points, but using them is a little trickier. If you don’t know any words with these letters, simply try to put them next to any vowels and create words like – JO, QI, XI, XU, OX, EX, AX, and ZA.

  1. Keep looking for hooks

Hooks are single letter which can be used to alter an existing word on the board and create a completely new word. For instance, you can add the letter‘s’ in HOOT and create HOOTS or SHOOT.

  1. Rearrange

If you are stuck and the words aren’t coming to you, simply rearrange the tiles on your rack first. The more you will rearrange it the more words will pop up in your mind. 

  1. Using fake words

Well, bluffing on scrabbles is dangerous, but if you can come up with a perfect poker face you are good to go. However, most Scrabbles will not appreciate you using fake words, but if you know what you are doing, it absolutely fine. 

Well, there you go. Lastly, keep on practicing. After all, you can never become a scrabbles master if you don’t practice enough. 


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