How to Know you Have a Strong Case after a Car Accident 

Have you been in a car accident in Fort Wayne? If so, you are probably thinking about filing a claim with the insurance company of the other driver if they were at fault or with your own insurer if you caused the accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always pay out what they have to. If you are not sure whether or not it makes sense to take legal action, here’s how you can know if you may have the basis for a car accident lawsuit and that you should start looking for a skilled car accident attorney Fort Wayne:

You Were at Fault and Your Insurance Company is Not Paying

If you were at fault, you won’t be able t recover on a claim for damages against the other driver. However, may be able to file a claim with your own insurance company. If you are entitled to a certain amount of money and your insurer refuses to pay up, you can bring a lawsuit against it. 

There are Serious Body Injuries 

If you suffer serious injuries, you must seek medical assistance right away. On your way to the hospital, alert your attorney and allow them to evaluate the incident. A great car accident lawyer can help you get fair compensation. 

There is Dispute Over Fault

In some cases, if an accident takes place, both drivers might be shocked to know what really happened. If there are no eyewitnesses and you and the other driver’s account are what is being relied upon, a dispute can take place. 

In this case, you must engage your attorney immediately to help absorb the liability from you. If an accident occurs, insurance companies depend on police reports. If your attorney is available, they can help ensure the police report will not have gray areas. 

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