Shivling and its significance

Lord Shiva is considered as the destroyer of sorrows and the giver of success and happiness. Worshipping him can bring you a complete heaven in this world and the world thereafter. Of course  a God as great as Lord Shiva, needs the most appropriate method and time to worship him. The tradition of India states that humans will be placed if they worship Shivling during Sharavan, the most holy of all months. The Parad Shivling holds a huge importance for Hindus in general and Shaivites in particular.

The Shiva Lingam Is therepresentation of divinity of the Lord Shiva and is kept in several homes and temples. It I very popular that these days you can find it in several puja stores online. In the Hindu religion, the Shiva Lingam is seen as the representative of the Lord himself which means that in many families, people worship the Linga as a form of Lord Shiva. Also, along with a Linga, a yongi too is kept which is the symbol of the Goddess Shakti, or a feminine version of creative energy.

Shrvan maas has already begun, and the Lord Shiva’s blessings are all around. All that I have to do is to draw these blessings towards you by pleasing the Lord of Destruction. On doing this, Shiva is immensely pleased with his devotees and rewards them generously.

The method to acquiring Divine Grace.

Lord Shiva is known to be the destroyer of the Universe. He is also the one associated with the creation and represents the highest achievable energy. Worshipping the Shivling during this important month of Shravan is like doing the most perfect thing in the most accurate manner of worshipping. It is believed that the Shivling provides for all the benefits that ae equal to worshipping the Lord Shiva at any Shiva temple or any Jyotirlinga Temple.

Besides worshipping the Shiving, its more important to submit yourself to the most potent aspect of the eternal Shiva. This is like worshipping the highest power, creativity and energy. The worship of Lord Shiva is guaranteed to invite the grace of Shiva and beautify your life. And jus as the scriptures say, there can be no greater wealth than winning the God’s grace such as the significance of the Sharavan month.

How to worship the Shivling.

Besides the parad and the namedshwar shiv lingam, no other shiv lingam should be worshipped at home.

Namedeshwar/ banal inga means that they have been made of the natural narmada stone in the form of the lingam. Narmada stones are very cheap, but are the only stones to be blessed by the Lord Shiva himself that all stones from the Narmada River near Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh are equal to the full fledged shiv lingams.

You could also do the pranpratishta which is a difficult and tiring affair and cannot be done at home. To do the pranpratshita, the shiv ling cannot be moved from the place of stapanna, as all these vedic rituals must be done from the temples itself. You cannot keep the shivling at home because unclean practices like sexual intercourse, eating of meat and ‘answering nature’s call’ as that will create an impure atmosphere and will invite the wrath of Shiva. PranprathisthaShivlingam cannot be moved from one place to another as even a small movement will invoke God’s Pran Vayu leaving the idol at once.

Narmedshwar Linga are dark grey stones which are in the shape of lingam where on the top of it is a red patch, which is similar to a man’s lingam, with a line joining from the forehead to the bottom. The costs of a lingum range from fifty rupees to five hundred rupees, depending on the size. The size of lingam or any idol for puja at home should not be more than the breadth of three right hand fingers joined together.

The Narmedeswar Shiv lngas are believed to be very important as they are made naturally in the river bed. It is believed that the Narmedswar Shivling resides there and this shivling is a must in every household.

You could also offer some coconut, but avoid using coconut water especially on the shiv lingam.

So now, you know how to worship the Shivling and its significance. There are many more ways of worshipping the shivling, and there are many more variations and reasons for its significance, but we bring you the best! Now that you know how it is done, it is time for you to seek his blessings this shivratri.


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