Magnetykes an Award-Winning Magnet Toy

A toy carries the magic of magnetism.

It was a different experience when the first time you saw a magnet in your life. Most people don’t forget that moment how magnets pull other iron substances and other magnets to each other. How magnets lock each other, and you need a lot of strength to separate them. And when you used to play with them, the invisible force made them move away or towards each other.

The excitement might not be the same as when you were a kid playing with the magnet. But your kids do have it still in them, and so Magnetykes will let them get introduced to the magnetism in a whole different more exciting way.

Magnetykes: What is it exactly?

Magnetykes are figures that look like a robot and controlled by magnetism. Each Magnetykes has their own hands, legs, arms, and heads, and are moveable, and they have their own magnetic vehicle. Each of the Magnetykes has their own background story in the form of a comic book.

Through magnets most of the kids’ get an introduction to the world of science. Magnetykes makes the introduction more memorable with kids having extra fun to play with Magnetykes that have a strong power of magnets.

Kids and Screen Time

This is the way you can also keep your kids away from the computer screens. Else these days most of the kids are magnetically stuck to the screen of the computer. It’s tough for parents to make them away from the screen, and most of them don’t even listen. But with Magnetykes, they will find a new world.

Kids will want to discover and feel amazed the way magnets behave, and so they won’t have much time to sit on a screen as they will be playing with the Magnetykes. Magnetykes an award-winning magnet toy with a comic book is a true means through which your kid is going to be engaged. The name Magnetykes is also selected intelligently so that kids can feel affectionate to the name, and it means that the mix of the best magnets is occurring naturally in the Earth.  

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