Top Signs It is Time to Replace your Window Blinds 

Top Signs It is Time to Replace your Window Blinds 

When was the last time you took a look at your window blinds? The quality of your window treatments is one of the most important considerations for any home. If your blinds are showing signs of wear and tear and are old or worn, it is probably a good idea to consider a replacement. Switching out your vertical or horizontal blinds for new ones will instantly upgrade the look of your bedroom, living room or kitchen. In addition, when you make a swap, it also improves the exterior aesthetics of your home and ensures the safety of your kids. 

If you are still wondering if it is time to replace the blinds or not, here are some top signs that you should probably do it:

  • Discoloration 

Over time, white blinds tend to turn yellow. They also easily show surface stains and dirt. It is time to exchange your older vertical or horizontal blinds for new ones if they have begun to show signs of discoloration. It is also recommended to swap out the blinds if they have become faded. There are a variety of styles and designs you can find, such as vertical blinds, wood blinds and minis in different shades. You should opt for a darker shade to prevent any fading or yellowing in the future.

  • Breaking and Bending 

You should bear in mind that all kinds of window treatments are susceptible to damage and blinds are no different. If your blinds are breaking and bending, it is time to consider bringing it some fashionable replacements. Choose a more reliable and durable style so you won’t have to wonder when to replace blinds for a long time. Vertical blinds are a good option because they are quite strong and effective at keeping the light out.

  • Worn Cords 

The cords of your window blinds may also fray over the years, which could cause them to fall or break the next time to use them. You can avoid damage to your windows and not have to deal with security concerns if you replace your blinds just in time with new ones. If you don’t like cords and believe they may be unsafe for pets and kids, you can always go for cordless window blinds as these are widely available in the market. A variety of cellular, pleated and classic styles allow you to pull and push the bottom rail to lower or raise them. 

  • New Windows 

If you are replacing your windows, you probably don’t want to use your old blinds with them. Moreover, the dimensions of the new windows may vary and so you will need to replace your blinds in order to find something suitable for them. You have to decide whether they need to be horizontal or vertical and whether they should be inside or outside mounted. You also need to get accurate measurements in order to ensure you get window blinds in the right size.

Watch out for these signs and you would know when to replace blinds right away. 

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