Pet-Friendly Window Treatments- Everything you Need to Know 

Do you regard your pet as a friendly member? You are certainly not alone. Thousands of people feel the same way about their pets, but you have to leave them home when you go to work. How many times have you come from and found your window treatments ruined because your pet got tangled or chewed them? You don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of replacing your window treatments over and over again. So, what can you do? You can consider animal proofing window treatments. Yes, it can be done and can definitely be a blessing for every pet owner.

The rules vary slightly, depending on what kind of pet you have. Let’s take a look at some of the pet-friendly window treatment options you can explore:

Cat owners

One of the top five hidden hazards in every home are window cords. This doesn’t just apply to small kids; cords and cats don’t work well together either. Dangling cords are often mistaken as toys by cats, which can lead to dangerous entanglements or broken window treatments. If the cord wounds around your cat’s neck, they could strangle themselves. They can also chew off a plastic piece and choke on it. While you can choose to just tuck the cord out of sight, it is best to opt for cordless window treatments. 

These are one of the best options at your disposal when you are animal proofing window treatments as cordless shades and blinds allow you to lower or raise your treatments without a free-hanging cord. Not only does it provide safety, there are other benefits that you can enjoy with this unique functionality. These window treatments are very easy to operate as you have to lift them up and down. They also have aesthetic appeal as they give windows a more modern and streamlined look, which enhances your home décor. 

Dog Owners 

When it comes to your window treatments and man’s best friend, playfulness is not the issue; it is curiosity. While cats enjoy playing with cords and lounge in windows, dogs want to see what the world outside is like. They are curious by nature and get easily distracted by what is happening around them. Window coverings prevent them from getting a clear view of the mailman, squirrel or whatever is happening outside. Dogs also suffer from separation anxiety when you leave the house and so they want to see outside the window. 

Thus, you need to have the right dog proof window treatments. Shutters are one option you can explore as they are highly durable and they are strong enough to withstand even the most rambunctious dog. Top down or bottom up honeycomb shades can also be used as they allow you to illuminate your home when needed and block temptation. Vertical blinds are also quite effective in glass doors and large expanses as they allow your dog to look outside, but without damaging them. Your pet can simply nudge the slats and see whenever they want.  

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