Top 3 Mods for KTM 50

If you’re looking to tune up your KTM 50 so you can get a little more out of the minibike, there are a lot of options that can drastically change your experience on a small motorcycle. While these mods will generally disqualify you from limited competitions, they aren’t really designed for the younger riders in the limited class. These upgrades are for riders who are ready to go a little harder, those who want to really open up their minibikes when they go out to play.

1. Cylinder Rebore and Piston Replacement

Did you know you can actually upgrade the 50cc stock piston with one that usually fits a 60cc bike? It’s a major modification but one of the most popular for stunt riders and other fans of the model who want to ask their bikes to do a little more than the manufacturer bargained for. Kits to perform this operation are few and far between, but you will find them if you go looking for the place with the best KTM 50 OEM parts and aftermarket mods. There are other piston kit upgrades you can explore that have an easier fitment for your bike, too. Go exploring and see what works for your dream build.

2. Exhaust and Muffler Upgrades

If you choose the right performance slip-on, you can virtually silence your KTM 50. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it will seem that way for the first few minutes if you go to a high performance muffler or add-on that helps increase the muffler’s effect. This can make riding more comfortable, and the right performance exhaust kit will be able to increase your engine efficiency by removing emissions more effectively while providing a quieter ride.

3. Shock and Fork Upgrades

Going all-out for a performance shock and fork pairing makes it easier to ask the bike for more when you want to do a trick, but it also smooths out your ride when it’s time to hit the trails. Motorcycle apparel might be able to fend off the effects of the weather when you ride, but you need a good suspension to be able to tackle the extra challenge when terrain gets rough. That is, unless you like a bumpy ride.

Find More Gear and Accessories

Most riders who enjoy a 50cc ride also have another option, unless they’re just starting out. Whether you’re already using a commuter bike as a daily ride or you’re thinking ahead, finding the right dual sport women’s riding gear and accessories can help you get the clothing you need to ride safely and comfortably, even on a minibike. Dualsport accessories are built to be useful on the road and on the trail, so they help you streamline your riding wardrobe, allowing you to spend more money on terrain-specific setups as you expand your riding repertoire. Start working on your basic gear today, and learn more about riding in different trains and weather conditions. You won’t believe the options you have for gear when you look for flexible, multi-use riding clothes and accessories.

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