10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Holidaying in Belize in 2018

Are you looking for somewhere different to travel in 2018? Perhaps you want to experience natural beauty, white sand beaches with a rich history and culture. What if someone told you that Belize, the small Central American nation, fits all the above criteria? There are several Belize homes for rent around the country and on the cayes, or islands. Not only will you be able to take a holiday in luxury, but you’ll also get to experience the blend of culture and beauty this destination has to offer. Here are ten reasons why you should visit in 2018.

1. The Marine Life

Belize boasts the world’s second largest coral reef, a gigantic sinkhole and hundreds of kilometres of coastline. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular activities here is snorkelling and diving. Tourists can rent equipment on most cayes or join a tour that takes them out to see the abundance of marine life. According to some, this is one of the best spots on Earth for diving.

2. People Speak English

One of the biggest conveniences about travelling to Belize is that the official language is English. People from the tourist hotspots to the local restaurants will be able to understand and communicate in English. This makes visiting this Central American country easier compared to its Spanish speaking neighbours.  

3. Mayan Ruins

A large community of Mayans once lived in the territory of modern-day Belize. The legacy is a large number of ruins dotted around the landscape. Joining an organised tour is probably the best way to experience the ruins. The most famous ones include Xunantunich, Altun Ha, Caracol and Cahal Pech.

4. The Beaches

With several cayes just off the coast of mainland Belize and hundreds of kilometres of sand stretching along the Caribbean, those looking for a beach vacation will be in paradise. Some of the spots have a decent infrastructure with bars selling cold beer and fresh rum under the palm trees whereas others are more secluded.

5. Year Round Weather

One of the advantages of Belize’s location in Central America is the climate. The tropical weather rarely dips below a temperature tourists would consider cold. This means you can enjoy a holiday at any time of the year and relax in your t-shirt and shorts. The weather is always perfect for spending time on the beach or swimming in the sea. Even when it rains, it still feels pleasant.

6. Belize has an Extensive System of Caves

Belize houses the most extensive cave system in Central America. Covering a whopping 50,000 square metres, the caverns are filled with a range of geological and architectural treasures. Centuries ago, the local Mayans used the caves for ceremonies and rituals leaving behind a series of artefacts. Tours can take curious visitors to the different caves and grottoes where you can enjoy the natural wonders in front of your eyes. There are also opportunities for experienced cavers to explore independently. If you’re in Belize and want to experience these geological wonders check out the Chiquibul Cave System, Actun Tunichil Muknal and Barton Creek Cave.

7. Belize has an Eclectic Blend of Cultures

The nation is a melting pot of cultures including Belizeans, Mexican, Creole as well as Caribbean and Rastafarian groups. Some people in the north even identify as descendants of the Maya. Tourists will have the chance to meet and interact with the local groups, immerse themselves in the culture and sample a variety of ethnic cuisines. Hopkins, a small town approximately 65 kilometres south of Belize City, is a cultural centre for the Garifuna people and well worth a visit.

8. Belize’s Jaguar Reserve

Located in Central Belize is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from having a setting in the lush rainforests, Cockscomb has another claim to fame: being the only jaguar preserve in the world. The protected area houses each type of the country’s five species of wild cats including the puma, margay, jaguar, ocelot and Jaguarundi. Taking a tour is a favourite excursion for wildlife lovers when they take a vacation in Belize. Who knows, you might be lucky to see all of the rare endemics wild cats in Central America.

9. The Perfect Spot for a Honeymoon

The natural beauty and endless opportunities to get reacquainted with nature make Belize a dream spot for honeymooners. Tourists have more than 200 islands to choose from with some offering ultra-luxurious vacation rentals. Belize has everything you could dream of for that perfect honeymoon. You can fly into the international airport and have a private transfer directly to your little spot of paradise on one of the cayes. And the best part is Belize will feel less crowded as it gets significantly fewer tourists than its Caribbean cousins.

10. It’s Cheaper than the Caribbean

Belize might not be a budget destination, and the price of vacationing here often surprises tourists. But, the value you get for the endless beaches, breath-taking landscapes and crystal clear waters are worth it. When you compare Belize to the Caribbean, there are many similarities in the environments and culture. However, the spot in Central America is much more affordable.

Belize Makes a Perfect Place for a Dream Vacation

Now you have the essentials about what makes this little Central American destination a prime location for a dream vacation. More holidaymakers are visiting each year, and Belize is predicting a surge of tourists over the next few years. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty and have a luxury holiday without the crowds, the time to visit is now.

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