10 Things to consider before choosing the best Mortgage Company in Washington state.    

No matters, whether you are buying first home or third home, you always looking for the best mortgage company who will help you in buying home. As per the statistics, more than 70% of US citizens buy a home through a loan.

While taking a loan, it is necessary to shop around for mortgage companies, you can also take the help of friends and family who will suggest you the best mortgage companies. If you are not sure where to start, no worries, we have round up the most popular mortgage guidelines which will help you in choosing the best mortgage company in Washington State.

  1. Get your credit score in shape: It is true that thousands of borrows avail request for the home loan, but not everyone is eligible for taking a loan. One of the common reason behind the rejection of an application is a poor credit score. Generally, if you have credit lower than 580, then your loan approval chances are very low. So, before choosing the best mortgage company, it is vital to shaping for credit score.

Now the point is, how you can improve your credit score. Improving a credit score is not a one day task. You have to work on your assets column and decrease your liabilities. Once you build your assets column and decrease your liabilities column your credit score will increase automatically.

  1. Get Pre-approved: If you get a pre-approval letter from the mortgage company, your chances of getting a loan and as well home is increased. The letters signify that your credit score is excellent and you are an ideal customer for seller’s property. In the real estate investment, getting a pre-approved letter is evidence which shows that you have an ability to handle mortgage rate burden.
  2. Compare mortgage rates from several mortgage companies: when taking a loan, remember always shop around and compare the rates of mortgage companies. Your local newspaper and interest are the best resources where you can review the mortgage company terms and conditions. Once you get the idea of the market, you can negotiate for the best deal with your lender effortlessly. You can also take the help of mortgage brokers, who have great connections with mortgage companies and help you in finding the best rate.

When borrowers have several mortgage quotes in hand, he/she easily compare the rate and decide which company makes the most financial sense for him/her.

  1. Ask the right questions and read the terms and condition:

Once you have decided your ideal mortgage company, it is necessary to ask some basic questions. You can read your mortgage company reviews and testimonials. Below we have mentioned some list of question.

Q1 What is the best way to communicate with your- email, text, phone number, or in person.

Q2 What are the down payments?

Q3 How hard you check credit score?

Q4 Does your repayment methodology is flexible?

Q5 Will, you waive any fee for the pre-approval process?


  1. Three types of mortgage: Before choosing a mortgage company, you should know which type of mortgage suits you. Technically, there are three mortgages. Fixed rate mortgages, variable and tracker rate mortgages and offset mortgages.
  •    Fixed rate mortgages: It is good if you want to know how much the repayment of your monthly mortgage will be.
  •    Variable and tracker rate mortgages: it is good if you believe mortgages will go down in the future.
  •    Offset mortgages: It is good if your pocket is not financially friendly and want to know how much exactly the repayment will be.
  1. Always look for a mortgage company which will help you improve credit score: No matters, your credit score three-digit number starts with a seven-digit. You have to improve your credit score to get lower interest rates. Though improving the credit score process takes times, but once it gets improved, it will save your thousands of dollars.
  2. Always Review Terms and Conditions of mortgage companies: It’s really good that you have found your ideal mortgage company and they are ready for giving you a loan. Just be sure, you have carefully reviewed their terms and conditions. Most of the lender, will give you a loan without a hard credit check and take so many extra charges and as well high-interest rate. So, without making any agreement ask them some questions that are mentioned below and read their terms and conditions properly.
  3. Ask your real estate agent: Asking about mortgage companies is a good approach. As they know the real side of the companies, so they will tell you which is a reliable one. As per the statistics, more than 70% of buyers take help of a real estate agent in understanding the buying process.
  4. verifying the service of mortgage company: Unfortunately, false promises and scams are very real, as a result, it is important to make sure that you are borrowing money from the right company. By working with experience Mortgage Company the common mistakes will be avoided. It’s imperative that you do research before choosing a mortgage company, but to avoid uncommon issues review their services.
  5. Gather the down payment: If you are making down payment, you need to gather fund before availing request for the loan. Most lender’s don’t give you a loan until you make down payment. Also, check your mortgage company is giving you some discount points to lower the interest rate.

Final thoughts:

Besides renowned mortgage company, there are banks and union in Washington which are also offering home loan service to the individuals. But, you have to be cautious before choosing a mortgage lender. Right from the verifying the legitimacy of the mortgage company to compare rates and terms, review everything carefully.  

Purchasing a loan is a big step because it is one of the most luxe things you will purchase. Working with an ideal mortgage company can help you financing with a budget. With the right team you feel comfortable, and easily share your requirements and they provide you what you need.  


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