4 Clever Tricks To Maintain A Car’s Value

One of the first items that adults buy with their hard-earned money is their dream vehicle. They would save up all their spare earnings to pay for a brand-new or used car. They will also set aside a portion of their salaries for the insurance, maintenance like scratch and dent repair, and gasoline expenses.

But unlike other investments, such as real estate properties and precious metals that have value appreciation over the years, the value of these vehicles will decrease as it ages. If you bought your first car after a lot of hard work, it could be heartbreaking to sell it at an extremely low price after taking care of it for a long time.

Here are several ways to help preserve your vehicle’s value, so you can get a decent asking price when you let it go in the future.

Maintain The Engine Properly

All car owners must remember to schedule regular maintenance for their vehicles. It is crucial to preserve the car’s value and ensure that it will function properly for a long time. You need to bring your car to your trusted car repair shop to change oil every 3,000 to 10,000 miles. It is also important to repair the filter every 15,000 to 20,000 miles and rotate its tires twice a year. It will also help if you ask your mechanic to perform a multi-point inspection each time you have the oil changed to detect minor problems before it worsens.

Fix Dents Immediately

No matter how careful you are, you may still encounter minor accidents while using your car. You could have slight scratches after bumping into a post or if a bicycle or shopping cart suddenly slammed into your passenger door while parked. While these minor tarnishes will not affect the car’s performance, it can still significantly devalue the vehicle if left untreated. You need to bring it to your mechanic for scratch and dent repair services to preserve your car’s value.

Keep A Clean Car Interior

If you intend to sell your first car in the future, you need to ensure that the insides are always clean. Stains, spills, and foul odour can accumulate over time. It will become hard to remove these grimes without professional intervention. Ensure that you will always keep your car clean to avoid the need to spend a lot getting rid of accumulated dirt before you can sell the car at a reasonable price. Eating inside the car must be prohibited since a single crumb or spilled drink can cause major staining in your car’s interiors.

Store All Maintenance Records 

Most used car buyers want to make sure that the car they intend to buy has managed to go through routine maintenance and repairs. Thus, it would help if you keep a record of all the receipts you spent on your car. It will assure the prospective buyers that you did a good job of taking care of the car and keeping it in good running condition before putting it in the market. It will also convince them that your car is well-maintained, which could justify your asking price.

These are some of the tricks that can maintain your vehicle’s value despite using it for years. This will allow you to sell it for a reasonable amount that the prospective buyers will not object to. If you do these properly, you can sell your old car to buy a higher value car.

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