A Guide To Installing Swift Coilover Springs To Your Ride

While it’s always recommended to get your swift coilover springs installed by a professional in an auto shop, the job can certainly be done on a D-I-Y basis. Dependent on the model and manufacturer of the coilovers, they’ll be shipped in a variety of ways, with some coming collapsed, others being fully extended, mounted or with separated springs.

Initially, you need to ensure that you inspect your package’s contents to ensure that the gear you’ve got is suitable for your car. You also need to double-check that you’ve got both front and rear sets for all of your car’s wheels.

Swift Coilover Springs Installation Step One

You will be looking to install your springs if your coilovers were shipped with separated springs and the good news is that most products of this type will come complete with installation instructions. To do this, you will need to extend your shock before sliding the spring over them until it touches the spring retainer (a.k.a. preloaded nut).

Should you have dual rate swift coilover springs, you should install your slider before the lower spring is mounted from the lower end.

Swift Coilover Springs Installation Step Two

In order to install the coilover once it’s full-assembled, you should suspend your chassis with a jack whilst ensuring that your suspension is in ‘full droop’. After this, the coilover needs to be bolted with nuts and lock washers before lowering the vehicle back down to the ground.


If everything has been done properly, your car’s weight will rest on its coilovers at the required height, but if it’s way off, it could that you have the wrong spring rate.

Swift Coilover Springs Installation Step Three

Lastly, you should go for a test run to check everything is set up as you intended. This is the part where you will find out if your swift coilover springs need shock valving or tuning. It’s all about how your suspension feels as you’re driving, with the ideal result being light handling combined with adequate support.

Swift Coilover Springs for Improved Handling for Your Car

What’s important with any suspension is that it’s installed correctly or all that money that you’ve invested in improving the handling of your car will be wasted. If you’re someone with engineering experience, then great, you can do them yourself and get exactly what you paid for. If not, you really should get a professional to help you get the utmost out of your new coilovers.

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