Are You Interested in Homeland Security? 3 Reasons to Get Your Associate’s Online

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) exists to increase the safety of the United States. The department’s duties include customs and border protection, immigration compliance, emergency response to natural and human-made disasters, anti-terrorism efforts, and cyber-security.

Every person employed by DHS serves an integral part in safeguarding the country and protecting liberties for all who live here. Available for applicants of all backgrounds, a career with the government can provide valuable job training, premium benefits, and many chances for advancement. Moreover, you don’t have to work for DHS itself to aid in its mission necessarily, many educated homeland security professionals find employment with a contracting agency.

Why Should You Get Started?

By pursuing an associate in Homeland Security degree online, you can develop the establish the critical reasoning, leadership, and problem-solving aptitudes; you would need to be successful in such a challenging, unpredictable profession.

  1. You Have Time to Complete Your Degree

The coursework for an associate degree in Homeland Security will have the same rigor as a curriculum within a brick-and-mortar program. However, as a home-based student, you can choose a self-paced course of study which, is great if you have to work while in school or if you have childcare responsibilities.

  1. You Have the Tools to Complete Your Degree

Associate in Homeland Security degree online programs offer a flexible approach to attain your associate degree. These programs have been adapted for modern technology, which will allow you to study and submit exams via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The courses, lectures, and even the books are often downloadable, and you can engage with other students in virtual conversations.

  1. You Can Pay for Your Degree

There are many associate in Homeland Security degree online programs offered at an affordable rate and some that are a bit pricier. To pay for the school that you prefer to attend, there are many options available to achieve your goal.

The first step that you should take applies to any accredited school that you enroll to obtain your associate.Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the chance to receive a government grant based on your financial need. Government grants such as the Pell Grant can be used to tackle a substantial part of your tuition. Best yet, these do not have to be paid back.

After that, another vital source of financial aid would be a school scholarship. These can be offered by the school and also from private agencies, non-profits, and the DHS itself. Research the scholarships that best match your education plan and apply to as many as you can. Fortunately, most organizations now post the guidelines and application online for added convenience.

Lastly, the FAFSA form can also be used to get a federal direct student loan. These typically offer lower interest rates than private loans. Federal loans can also include advantages such as loan forgiveness programs.

Final Note

Once you have completed your program, you may have the opportunity to intern with specialists within a local agency. Not only will you gain a chance to put your education to use, but you will also add relevant experience to your resume for future positions.




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