Aruba’s Blue crystal water and white sands are everyone’sdreams

 The Southern Caribbean is dotted with several island paradises blessed with the gift of sun-kissed beaches cooled by incredible trade winds. Aruba, just 27 kilometres off the coast of Venezuela, is one of the famed islands that comprise the ABC of Leeward Antilles. An Aruba all-inclusive resort means days of activities drenched in the heat of the sun amidst the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean. The whole 33-kilometer expanse of the island is speckled with high-rise buildings and resorts, shady expanses, tranquil retreats and limitless adventures involving the sea. In fact, the island itself is a water sports mecca with wet and wild escapades within arm’s reach.


Palm Beach, a two-mile white sand stretch, is home to stunning Aruba resorts and hotels interspersed with beach bars, restaurants, shopping Eden and water sports concessions. A holiday to Aruba is an unparalleled experience withIts magnificent sunset is hard to pass up the chance of lazy walks barefoot on the sand to cap off a busy day under the tangerine skies. Baby Beach, on the southeastern end, is a snorkeler’s dream with shallow waters expanding to long distances making the kaleidoscope of multihued corals and tropical fish just a few wades away. Eagle Beach is the favourite destinations for locals with clear, gleaming waters and spacious parking for everyone.

Things to Do

Staying in an Aruba resort means a nostalgic walk down history, or a feast for the eyes with the magnificent works of nature, or and eye-opening dazzling experience with animals. The Numismatic museum is home to currencies and artefacts that date back as far as the 400 BC. The Chapel at Alto Vista boasts of its neogothic design atop the picturesque setting above the sea. A visit to the butterfly farm as well as the ostrich and donkey sanctuaries will leave children wide-eyed with amazement. The trekkers will find the Indian caves or the Akirok National Parks a worthwhile visit. The combination of lava, quartz and limestone formation in the Park is worth every inch of the walk and every ounce of sweat.


Aside from the Duty-Free Mall just within a few steps from most Aruba resorts, shopping is a vibrant activity in this island nation. The Downtown Oranjestad is home to a wide selection of world-class products equally distributed in several malls in the area. Royal Plaza is a queen’s playground with numerous jewellery, perfume and souvenir store selections. In the Low Rise Area, the Alhambra Nighttime Shopping Bazaar is home to fastfood outlets and numerous speciality shops. In the High Rise Area, there is no missing Paseo Herencia with the welcoming synchronised swimmer, Carnival shows, movie theatres and even live music.

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