Describe DS Group’s Various CSR Projects To Increase The Availability Of Water For Needy Sections Of The Society

The DS Group India is committed to ensuring a steady water supply by implementing targeted conservation efforts and efficient resource usage. 

One pivotal DS Group’s CSR program is to address water scarcity in the country by implementing location-specific conservation measures and ensuring the judicious use of resources, with the aim of securing a sustainable, long-term water supply in water-stressed regions.

DS Group India’s Water Conservation Programmes

DS Group’s CSR activities for water conservation include:

  • Building structures for water recharge and storage.
  • Reviving defunct water bodies.
  • Implementing soil conservation measures.
  • Promoting efficient irrigation practices.
  • Establishing institutions for long-term sustainability.

Let’s take a closer look at the water conservation initiatives by Dharampal Satyapal Ltd.


  • Water Economic Zone in Udaipur (Started in 2018): Focused on improving water and soil resources in Alsigarh and Kurabad Watershed areas, this Mahan Seva Sansthan and Arpan Seva Sansthan project includes 311 soil and water conservation structures, promoting drip irrigation, and installing solar-powered lift irrigation systems.
  • Solar Lift Irrigation System in Udaipur: Dharampal Satyapal Ltd, partnering with Apna Sansthan, constructs six earthen dams and installs a Solar Lift Irrigation system in the village Kaccherki Dhani. This initiative aims to recharge groundwater and promote sustainable water use in agriculture, benefiting about 200 households.
  • Water Harvesting at low cost in Udaipur: DS Group CSR’s program with Gayatri Seva Sansthan and Alert Sansthan, has constructed traditional water harvesting structures, benefiting over 2500 inhabitants and providing additional water for Rabi season irrigation.
  • Check Dam Construction in Udaipur: Collaborating with Mahan Seva Sansthan, DS Group India has built four Check Dams in Udaipur district, aiming to improve groundwater levels and benefit around 350 homes.
  • Rain Harvesting Structures in Jodhpur: This project is aimed at addressing chronic droughts in the Thar Desert by constructing 90 harvesting structures in five remote villages, enhancing water availability for drinking and agriculture.
  • Pagars & Pokhars in Karauli: Dharampal Satyapal Ltd partnered with Gram Gaurav Sansthan and constructed 40 Pokhars and 14 Pagaras in the Daang area of Karauli district, including the revival of five community ponds to increase water availability.
  • Renovation of Water Storage Structures in Dungarpur: The group built and repaired three water harvesting structures in Dungarpur district and supported agricultural and horticultural practices in Jan Shiksha Evam Vikas Sangathan.
  • Water Conservation Project of Sikar: This project was Started in 2013 and is one of the biggest DS Group’s CSR activities. It includes twenty-one water conservation structures in Deepawas & Mokalwas and Triveni Dham Panchayat, conserving approximately 4,17,347 cubic meters of water.
  • Chouka System in Ajmer: DS Group India and SWERA Santhan constructed the Chouka System in Kanpura in Ajmer, benefiting around 350 households by harvesting rainwater.
  • Rejuvenation of Community Pond in Dholpur: The group and Manjari Foundation constructed and renovated Sarmuthara’s thirteen traditional water-harvesting structures in Dholpur district, benefiting around 200 households and adding 75 hectares under irrigation.

Madhya Pradesh

  • Chhatarpur Community Pond Rejuvenation

Dharampal Satyapal Ltd and Haritrika collaborated to revitalize community ponds in Jakhron and Bijaypur villages, Chhatarpur district, benefiting 2,000 locals in agriculture. The construction of a new pond with a 9 lakh cubic meter capacity aimed to facilitate double cropping on over 200 hectares, addressing the region’s persistent water challenges.

  • Jhabua Stop Dam Construction

In collaboration with Arpan Seva Sansthan, the group built a Stop Dam in Gopalpura village, Meghnagar block, Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh, addressing water scarcity in the region. The project benefits approximately 200 agriculture-dependent families, providing access to potable water.

  • Khandwa Community Pond Rejuvenation

DS Group India and Arpan Seva Sansthan teamed up to restore community ponds in Barudchhaigaonmakhan block, Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh. The project, benefiting about 350 families, focuses on enhancing groundwater levels and promoting water-efficient farming practices.

Uttar Pradesh

  • Shrawasti Check Dam Construction

Dharampal Satyapal Ltd, with Manav Vikas Sanstha, built 4 check dams in Sirsiya Block, Shrawasti District, Uttar Pradesh, designated aspirational by Niti Ayog for its low human development index. The initiative benefits over 600 households from the neediest section of society, aiming to enhance agricultural productivity and create sustainable income opportunities by recharging groundwater through storage structures.

  1. Mahoba Community Pond Revival

In 2016, this project was started as a part of the DS Group’s CSR program to restore four community ponds in drought-hit Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh. It involved cleaning and improving bunds, adding 77,000 cubic meters of water storage, benefiting 6,000 people. Working with the Soil Conservation Department, the company helped 195 farmers build farm ponds with a total storage capacity of over 400,000 cubic meters, irrigating about 127 hectares of land.

  1. Varanasi Ghat Development & Maintenance

DS Group India is supporting the Government’s Namami Gange Project by adopting six main Ghats in Varanasi, including Shivala, Mahanirvana, Dandi, Guleria, Niranjani Akhada, and Chet Singh Kila Ghat. Regular activities like removing silt from stairs, installing bins, repairing safety railings, and cleaning and fixing drainage are carried out at these Ghats.

Himachal Pradesh

Dharampal Premchand Ltd, in collaboration with CHIRAG, is leading a project to revive Himalayan springs in Kullu. These springs, crucial for local water supply, have been declining due to higher demand, land use changes, and environmental issues. The initiative has successfully revived 10 springs in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh through thorough research and various activities. Over 1500 residents now benefit from increased water availability for both drinking and agriculture.


The group teamed up with CHIRAG to bring back life to 65 springs in Dhari block, Nainital, Uttarakhand. These springs, vital for local water supply, are running dry due to increased demand, land use changes, and environmental issues.

The project involves:

  • Studying the springs.
  • Preserving their recharge zones.
  • Restoring the outlets.
  • Creating community groups for ongoing support.


Samerth Charitable Trust, with the support of DHARAMPAL SATYAPAL Ltd and Water Harvest, built 27 ponds, 4 wells, and 225 household-level Rainwater Harvesting Structures (RRWHSs) in the Kutch region. Additionally, one Roof Rainwater Harvesting Structure will be constructed in a school. This three-year project aims to benefit over 500 households in 7 villages and 10 hamlets, addressing the critical water scarcity issue faced by the residents in the Khadir region of the Bhachau block.

As a result of DS Group’s CSR activities, there has been a notable improvement in both surface and subsurface water availability. This has led to increased irrigated areas and higher crop productivity, positively impacting the economic conditions of marginalized communities in the intervention areas.


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