Do you feel tired due to allergies? 

Once spring steps in, it becomes extremely difficult for people suffering from pollen allergies. Why? Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it will leave you dying for breath because pollen, mold spores and weed can pave the way for allergy. 

If you have been suffering from allergy, you already are aware of symptoms such as watery eyes, coughing and sneezing. But, do you know that these allergies will make you tired too often? Well, yes. 

The severity of allergies will vary from person to person. If you are allergic, you will feel sleepy during the afternoon. Moreover, it will also affect your frequency to indulge in different activities. 

However, one of the most common questions that people have is why does allergy make one tired? The experts of the medical clinic Bundoora can be of great help and eventually fix the condition. If you observe any increase in symptoms, you will need to consider the basic signs. 

How does seasonal allergy make one tired? 

While you think that seasonal allergies will lead to cough and runny nose, you should know that there are more. If the allergy is not treated in time, it can cause severe conditions such as reduced concentration and drowsiness. 

Allergy fatigue happens mostly because your body needs to fight against the foreign invader. Since your body is fighting against an invader, it will eventually become tired. It may also lead to chronic inflammation, which can cause depression. 

Allergy fatigue will eventually be problematic from day to day. It will also disrupt your sleep schedule. It would be best if you watched out for the symptoms of allergy fatigue so that you can avoid it. 

How to prevent allergy fatigue? 

You aren’t the only one who is suffering allergy fatigue. Well, there are many more like you. Some of the common ways through which you can prevent allergy fatigue include the following

Know the root

The basic step to fighting off allergy fatigue is to know what you are allergic to. According to experts, you should undergo an allergy test to find out which allergen will affect your body. 

The blood allergen test will also figure out what allergens are affecting you. It is advisable to follow a proper medication schedule so that you can curb off these allergies. 

Keep away from the trigger

Once you know why your allergy is, you will need to do your best to avoid the triggers. According to experts, you should limit your exposure to allergens. Some of the common ways to avoid the allergic trigger include

  • Keep a check on the indoor mould. 
  • Vacuum your clothes too often. 
  • Always wear your gloves and mask while walking around. 
  • Give up smoking. 

Take your medicines

You should never avoid taking your medicines on time. There are several medicines available. Hence, it would help if you didn’t avoid them. According to experts, antihistamines can be beneficial for your allergy. 

Moreover, if you take medicines, it will help to avoid drowsiness. Furthermore, it would help if you were very consistent about your medication too. Not every histamine will be helpful for regular use. Hence, consult medical experts for the same. 

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