Divulging into the Foremost Flashcards: The Sky3DS and Sky3DS Plus

About SKY3DS+

Amongst the best flashcards to run the 3DS games, sky3DS is the best, along with gateway 3DS, R4i gold 3DS, and Supercard DStwo. For running 3DS games smoothly, you need to have the sky3DS, which is currently the only cartridge that can be refurbished. In other words, regardless of the version number, when a new 3DS game is released, it will be supported by the sky3DS+. Other flashcards are only compatible with 3DS consoles, under the version v9.2. So once you are well-versed with the concept, SKY3DS is very easy to use with features like plug & play, multi-rom support, supportive of any 3DS system version including the newest ones and allowing up to ten 3DS games maximum per Sky3DS card.

Firmware Updates

The orange button sky3DS+ is the new firmware V130 that has been released recently, which supports the new encryption type and also supports Pokemon sun and moon. Sky3DS will be able to role out outmanoeuvre anti-piracy measures in their games in the event of Nintendo, thus making it possible for the users to play any Nintendo 3DS even if it is released in the later years.

With the latest firmware v140, Sky3DS+ can now support exfat and fat32; enabling users to play the 3DS over 4 GB without any trimming and it works with the skydock tool for a secured online play. Third-party resellers sell products called flashcards which use external memory cards to store numerous 3ds games on a single cartridge. However, downloading ROMS for these games is illegal. So for using this for the games, you must already own and intend to stockpile all in a place, which is a better idea than committing a crime.


Sky3DS works on every Nintendo 3DS firmware device, including 3ds, 3ds XL, new ds, new 3ds XL, 2ds and new 2ds xl. The Sky3DS+ card, however, still plays region-locking 3ds games, r retail 3ds card roms, no eshop and no region free.

Characteristics Of SKY3DS+

  1. It supports game saves, loading, online play. Users can also play old and new 3ds games available in the market.
  2. It supports multi 3rds roms and many 3ds games on a card can be played as well as downloaded with it.
  3. Supports ninjhax 2.9 to run region free 3ds games and homebrews on 3ds firmware below 3ds 11.8.
  4. The SKY3DS plus is the easiest 3ds card to use for 3ds games. Just one sky 3ds with a micro SD card can enable users to play various 3ds games freely, including Pokemon ultra sun, Pokémon ultra moon, and many other latest 3ds games.
  5. The Sky3DS+ including the newest V11.8.0-41 supports any 3ds system and also allows the owners to play many encryption games like Fire Emblem: iF(JPN), Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (JPN, USA, EUR) and so on.
  6. With it, online playing, upgrading wifi, connect and all features of a retail game card can be supported along with adding and deleting any game you want.
  7. However, the Sky3DS neither supports GBA or NDS games, nor 3ds and region free cheats.

In a nutshell, it includes all the features of Sky3DS along with its newest features.

Ancillary details about SKY3DS

If SKY3DS is bought from a legitimate reseller, users can get the original SKY3DS+ parcel, along with a skydock, a USB cable, and a SKY3DS+ card. It consists of two orange buttons enabling users to switch games easily, by picking one game to play, by pressing each button at certain times. Apart from the orange buttons, SKY3DS has blue and red buttons as well. SKY3DS v1 is the oldest with the red button. This card is the first one break firm limit, to support 3ds games on any system version. The only demerit of this is that only 10 3ds games can be played. Soon after this, the same team released the SKY3DS v2, with the blue button; with an upgrade of more than 31 3ds games can be played. But there were limitations to this update too.

In 2015, the SKY3DS team produced the SKY3DS+ with a firmware that can be updated, buttons for switching games, fixed the old issues of the previous two 3ds games, included a significant tool- the skydock, letting users to dump the private header from the official 3ds game card ensuring the security of the game.

Compared to SKY3DS, SKY3DS+ is much better off and puts the user in an advantageous position. The main function of SKY3DS+ is, of course, to enable users to play downloaded games on 3ds for example, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon animal crossing. If you are from Europe, you can buy SKY3DS plus from trustedsky3ds+EU seller which on average can cost up to $85.

How easy it is to use?

  1. Using the original Nintendo 3ds cartridge involves these easy steps:
    From SKY3DS.com, download the updated firmware.bin and copy it into the root directory of your SD card. Insert the micro SD card into the SKY3DS+ and connect the PC to SKY3DS with a USB cable.
  2. Download Rds roms online and copy these rds files and paste them into the SD card.
  3. Inserting the SKY3DS to 3ds family consoles will make a green light flashing along with the game icon appearing on the screen.

The sky3d app for windows which the site asks us to use, writes over the SD card as FAT12 and renders it non-functional. It probably worked this way with the older versions, but with the current, new one, it doesn’t.


With an improvement over the years, now SKY3DS+ has come out to be the perfect flashcard for gamers. It offers a simple plug and play system. The cartridge, besides, being fully compatible with ninjhax 2.9 allows the usage of homebrew and booting out of region ROMs. Its updatable nature makes its flourishing in the future possible. The Nintendo 3ds is 5 years old, but it is never too late for gaming and get onboard with Nintendo’s handheld.

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